US Islands Awards Program

WI060L Horseshoe, KD9FM

It took me 2 attempts but got the 5 contacts I needed plus 20 more to qualify Horseshoe Island WI060L off the Door County Peninsula of Wisconsin yesterday 24 September. I was so grateful that conditions on the band were better than on August 27th 73’s, Paul KD9FM.
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DXing with Polar Bears

Featured in QST May 2002, by John Reisenauer Jr, KL7JR/VE8JR

The author’s self-described “best trip to date” involved a rare island, a rare county, 10-10, contesting, Northern Lights and polar bears. For a dedicated Arctic ham-traveler, it doesn’t get any better than that.
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USI: A Look Back and Ahead

by John Reisenauer Jr., KL7JR (former NL7TB)

It was the summer of 1994 when I really got hooked on island chasing, both IOTA and CISA. Why didn’t the US have an island program I asked. I was told the idea had been discussed but no action was ever taken. That would soon change. With my own ideas and advice from others, the United States Islands Awards Program (USI) came to be.
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