US Islands Awards Program

Report an Island Qualification

Currently, there are over 3,000 Islands in the Directory with about 2,200 of those Qualified.

You’ve now done the hard work of doing the DX-pedition to the island that you chose to Qualify. And, you – or you and your crew – worked hard to make at least the required 15 QSOs from the island that are needed to Qualify the island. Now, comes the paperwork.

You need to send us the information about your operation:

  1. the date of the operation
  2. the *Call that you used
  3. the USI Number of the island
  4. the name of the island
  5. the list of the Calls of the OPs that worked hard and had fun Qualifying the island.  Ie. were on the island.

*Call – hopefully you used only one call during the Qualification. The rules state that only one call can be used for a Qualification, like a 1×1, a club call, or a personal call.

You DO NOT have to send your logs. Just certify to us that you worked a minimum of 15 QSOs on HF, 6M, and/or satellite. There’s a checkbox on the form to do this.

Note: We have never tracked Activations. So, there is no reporting involved for an Activation. But, do the Activation for the fun of it and to give those that have never worked that island a chance to work it.

Now, you need to send the Qualification Information to us, and you can do that on this form:

(All fields on the form are required except the Comments field)

USI Island Qualification Form

Be sure to check out the US Islands Awards Page. You may have qualified for one of our awards.


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