US Islands Awards Program

Request to add a planned Operation to the USI Calendar

Currently, there are about 3,000 Islands in the Directory with about 2,100 of those Qualified.

You’ve done a great job of planning for your USI DX-pedition. And, now you want to be sure that everyone knows what your plans are. How do you do that?

You need to send us the information about your planned operation so that it can be posted on the USI Calendar. The information we would like to have is:

  1. your name, call, and email address
  2. the dates of the operation
  3. the times you plan to operate (ZULU)
  4. what island you’re going to be working from
  5. the call that you’re going to use
  6. what bands you’re planning to operate on
  7. the modes you plan to use
  8. your power
  9. any other detail or information that you’d like to send us

Send that information to the Webmaster so that he can post it to the calendar.  And, to assist you in doing this you can use the following form.

(All fields, except the Additional Information field, are required.)

Request to add an Operation to the USI Calendar

If you enjoy the U.S. Islands program and would like to help it continue, you might consider making a small donation to help with administrative expenses.

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