US Islands Awards Program

Worked All States’ Islands (WASI) Award

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Congratulations to the US Islands Awards Chasers who have earned the Work All States’ Islands (WASI) Award!


Do you have an island confirmed from each of the 50 states? Then you qualify for the WASI Award. Submit your request to the Awards Manager:

Jay Chamberlain – NS4J
27 Fox Run Lane
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

When submitting your request for WASI, include your callsign, name, and address on top of your submission sheet. The information required for each state is: USI #, island name, callsign, QSO date and band.

The AM performs verification of awards. You may mail or e-mail your submissions DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL CONFIRMATION (QSL CARDS or eQSLs) and forward award fee via PayPal. In the event of an interpretation conflict or irregularity the AM reserves the right to inspect the confirmation (QSL cards or eQSLs). The AM has the final word. Remember that we operate on the HONOR SYSTEM – if you don’t have the confirmation then you haven’t worked the island!

Include Certificate Fee $3.00 (In USA); $4.00 (In Canada); $5.00 (All other DX) with your application. Please make checks payable to: Jay Chamberlain or forward award fee via PayPal, “family and friends”,

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