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On February 26, 2024, Mike, N2MAK did a quick Parks on the Air (#POTA) 3fer at Peebles Island State Park (K-2120, K-8098, K-6532) in New York, which also part of the US Islands Awards Program, NY027R Peebles.  Mike operated QRP QQS with the ICOM 705 (10W) and Wolf River Coils 213″ whip and Sport Forty coil (20m and 40m) on a mag mount. #HamRadio

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, Jeff  KD2YIO and Mike N2MAK did a Parks on the Air (POTA) and U.S. Islands activation at Skenoh Island (K-5310 and USI NY046L) on Canandaigua Lake in New York. For this rare park, we used his boat to access the island, along with his Yaesu 991a, the Wolf River Coils 213″ whip and a 40m hamstick to log 60+ contacts operating SSB.

KB9BVR Brunet Island State Park, WI (POTA) – Ham Radio Q&A ~ USI WI072R Brunet.
Another beautiful weekend of camping. This time with amazing fall color and a campsite right on the water. Plus we had a visit by a chipmunk eating heron. All this and more from K-1442 Brunet Island State Park in Wisconsin.

Using callsign N4I, N4KGL operated at Okaloosa Day Use Area park of the Gulf Islands National Seashore FL003S Santa Rosa. He had 124 contacts on 40 and 20 meters. The Bravo 7K performed very well on the saltwater shore at the bay.

Bob KK4DIV and I N4KGL are ham radio operators. The US Islands awards program sponsors the One Day Getaway (1DG) event on the second Saturday of May. Memorial Island, AL021L is in the lake at Frank Jackson State Park, Alabama. Bob and I made successful Parks On The Air Activations (POTA), and we contacted Chris VA3ECO on Bigelow Island, Ontario, where he has a home. We had fun and plan to return next year.

Ryan KF8IV, Scott KI5NPL Ham Radio For Non Techies, and myself (K8MRD) take a trip out to Matagorda Island National Wildlife Refuge for an All Time New One Parks on the Air Activation. POTA K-6580 on TX010S Matagorda. Video published May 6, 2022


Take the journey with us as we go hiking and camping at Cumberland Island National Seashore (POTA K-0663, GA002S Cumberland). Located in southeast Georgia, our southern most barrier island. Rich in history. If you’re planning a trip, come take a look as we explore the southern area of the island. We camped at Seacamp site #1. AD4XT 

Operating portable beside the saltwater bay in beautiful St. Andrews State Park (POTA K-1917) in Panama City beach (FL611S Point Washington). A simple vertical wire antenna with 15 radials netted me over 250 contacts. Operating on the beach or bayside is at the top of my list when I get the chance. Enjoy. Steve AD4XT

POTA-Island Adventure: Big Bay State Park, WI & Big Bay Sand Spit & Bog – Ham Radio Q&A
WI006L Madeline Island

Portable Ham Radio at Assateague Island MD001S and Fenwick State Park, Fenwick DE002S.

John Gendron, NJ4Z, recently returned from a 7-day DX Parks on the Air activation at K-0066 Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, VI003S  Video published Nov 15, 2022

Ham Radio Portable, Pelican Island Special Event Station, W4OT  Mar 9, 2019. FL037S N. Hutchinson/Orchid
Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club is commemorating the 116th anniversary becoming America’s first National Wildlife Reservation – Pelican Island President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Executive Order on Saturday, March 14, 1903

Ken, AD4OS qualifies US Island WI053R, Island 205 on the Mississippi River, May 9, 2020.

Ben, KK6TGM qualified FL543 on December 23, 2018.

Glenn AH6VF showing off his mobile/portable setup on Sandy Beach, Oahu, HI008S.

K3USI (Mid-Atlantic Island Crew) operators KF4BAN Bob and NS4Jay doing a Potomac River expedition to qualify Harrison island (MD032R), June 26, 2017. 


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