US Islands Awards Program

  • Swan, MD062S POTA K-0333 Qualified 2020-10-03 W3RRM
  • POTA activation of K-3062 Antelope Island State Park, UT001L, Feb. 2024 Photo by KI7KY
  • KO4KHB qualifying AL056L
  • KF4BAN Bob, taking a break from the K3USI qualifying effort on MD032R Harrison, June 2017. - Photo by NS4Jay
  • MD025R Paton, 1999 Island QSO Party, AE4MK
  • WI074L White Birch - Photo by KD9QKL
  • FL492S Big Grassy (Pepperfish Keys), Gulf of Mexico, Dixie Co. - Photo by W4YBV
  • Terry, W4YBV on FL483S Venice.
  • VA084R Embrey Dam Silt ~ K3USI Op. NS4J May 2024
  • USI qualification of MD009S South Marsh. POTA K-7750 South Marsh WMA. Photo by - KC3OWM
  • W1SYE crew ready to qualify Yarmouth Island ME121 Sept, 2019
  • N2PYH qualifying NY084L Glosky - June 11, 2022 Photo by N2PYH
  • Team KK1TLS, Terry FL017S Honeymoon Island, Sept. 2018.
  • N3ARB Angela helping to qualify OH076L Walker's, May 2024.
  • NF4GA on GA028L for the 2019 W/VE Island QSO Party.
  • Dennis N2DJS operating Rover call W2PE on NY054L Whaley for the 2023 Island QSO Party.

Welcome – 2024 ~ our 30th year


30th Anniversary Award – 2024: Details HERE

The name of the W/VE Island QSO Party has been changed to the U.S. Islands QSO Party. This reflects the lack of participation of Canadian operators.

USI flag and stickers are available. B/W single sided flags are $30 ea. Stickers are 2 – $5, 5 – $10, 10 – $19. including S/H.

Upcoming USI Expeditions:
Today is: 17th June 2024

Jun 19, 2024
  • MA005S Martha's Vineyard - AA5JF

    Jun 19, 2024

    I will be CW from every location, SSB from the Assateugue, Outer Thimble, Georges and Martha's Vineyard (maybe from Middle Hooper, depends). I will have FT8 from Assateugue, Middle Hooper and Martha's Vineyard, but not Outer Thimble or Georges (will be logging by hand). 20M and 17M focus during daylight hours, but will be on 30, 40 and maybe 15 as well.

Jun 20, 2024
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP

    Jun 20, 2024 - Jun 25, 2024  

    Planning to operate Field Day and maybe a few days before and after on Kaua'i - HI003S

    I will be W6LF/KH6

    15, 20, 30, 40 meters QRP CW.

    73 and Aloha de K7PD

June 2024

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • WI006L Madeline - WA0YPC
  • FL017S Honeymoon - W8Rd
  • FL147S Ward - W8RD
  • MD001S Assateague - AA5JF
  • MI102 & 103 - W2PE
  • MD001S Assateague - AA5JF
  • MI102 & 103 - W2PE
  • MD016S Middle Hooper - AA5JF
  • MD016S Middle Hooper - AA5JF
  • VA067L + VA069L - K3USI
  • CT031S Outer (Thimble) - AA5JF
  • MA010S Spectacle - AA5JF
  • MA005S Martha's Vineyard - AA5JF
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP
  • HI003S Kaua'i - W6LF/KH6 QRP

Welcome to the U.S. Islands Awards Program (USI) website. USI is an amateur radio award program centered around chasing and activating river, lake, and ocean shore islands within the 50 United States and its Territories and Protectorates.

Numerous achievement awards are available for both island activators and island chasers.

U.S. Islands is a great way to go on a mini-DXpedition without spending a lot of money. Discovering islands in your own backyard and setting up a station outdoors is always a good time. If hams have only operated outdoors during Field Day, we offer another route to get outside and enjoy portable ham radio in a different way.

USI has two operating activities each year:

  • One-Day-Getaway (1DG) is just that, a casual day of island portable operations the second Saturday of May. Activating or qualifying a new island, 1DG is a perfect way to hone your on the air operating skills and perfect your portable or mobile “field day kit”.
  • U.S. Islands QSO Party is our once-a-year “contest” that has a class for just about any individual or group. Operate from a friend’s island “Fixed” QTH, take your club on a single island “Expedition”, or go on a mobile or waterborne “Rover” adventure. The last full weekend of August.

Any way you like it, portable, walk-on, paddle to, motor to, mobile, drive on, USI is a year-round ham radio fun.

Please consider joining the USI Facebook group.

 Webmaster’s Photo Pick

Terry, W4YBV showing off the new, full color, double sided US Islands flag.

We are not affiliated in any way with the Islands On The Air (IOTA) awards program offered by the Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd.

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