US Islands Awards Program

AJ4RW FL116S Little Talbot Isl. April 2012

Randy AJ4RW and his wife Sherry KD4STW spent the day on Little Talbot

Randy installs the buddipole. They only operated about 4 hours due to power line noise. If a station didn’t have a 59+ signal they had a hard time hearing them. They made a total of about 20 contacts, some were RTTY and they were all USA so no unique calls. The contacts were made on 15 and 20 meters

Yaesu FT897D at 85 watts, 12 volt marine power, Toshiba Netbook OS windows 7, Ham Radio Deluxe suite for logging and digital, Signalink USB interface

A tough radio day but these kind of endings bring them back every time.