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Worked USI Clubs Award (WUC)

  • Receive a certificate for confirming 10 different official USI club or special event stations!
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The following are the Official USI club and special event stations on record:

USI Club/SE Call
Club/Special Event
KL7USI U.S. Islands Last Frontier ARC KL7JR
K3USI Mid-Atlantic Island Crew (MAIC) NS4J
K4USI Island Rovers of Georgia NE4S
W4USI Southeast Georgia Island Hoppers W3BY
VE7USI 30 day special event call KL7JR
VY1USI 30 day special event call KL7JR
W1L RI013S Little Point Comfort, Sept. 1999, SE Qualification W1LU
W3I MD004S Kent,  26 July 2003, IOTA Contest NS4J
K8G MI080L Granite, Aug. 19-20, 2006, SE Qualification K8PT
N2D FL017S Honeymoon, Mar. 17, 2007, SE
W4J VA013R Jamestown, May 12, 2007, SE  KU4FP
W6I CA002S Anacapa, NA-144 July 27-29, 2007 IOTA Contest W6WTG
K4I NC012S Sunset Beach, NA-112, August 11-17, 2007, SE AI4U
KØI MN010L Knife Island Expedition, Aug. 18-19, 2007, SE Qualification KCØMKS
K4L FL030S Key Biscayne, Aug. 18, 2007, SE W4MOT
N8V OH022L Lake Alma, Oct. 13, 2007, SE N8TJC
W3B MD028R St.Clements, Oct. 13, 2007, SE Qualification KA3UNQ
N5I LA003S Grand Isle, July 25-28, 2008, IOTA Contest  N5UR
W1T MA001S,Thacher Isl & Lighthouse, Aug. 16, 2008, SE CAARA
W8M MI038L South Manitou, July 19-21, 2008, SE W8ZHO
K5S/K5Z MS009S East Ship, Oct. 16-19, 2008, SE Qualification Email
W1T MA001S Thacher Isl & Lighthouse, Aug. 1-9, 2009, SE CAARA
N7I HI029S Gilligan’s Island 16th anniversary of USI, SE Qualification KL7JR
K4T FL481R Hontoon, 4 April 2012, SE K4UPG
K4I/QRP NC008S Holden Beach, 30 Oct – 5 Nov 2010, SE N3SW
N8M MI089L Murray Lake, 25 Oct 2010, SE Qualification N8XX
N8B OH006L North Bass, 27 July 2010, SE Qualification W8NP
W4K FL479S Peanut, John F. Kenndey, May, 2010 & 2011, SE AG4BV
W1Y NH017L Bear, 23-25 September 2011, SE WA1VKO
W5B TX063S Bolivar Peninsula, 22-23 October 2011, W/VE Island QSO Party KB5YLG
W9W WI048R St. Feriole, 22-23 Oct. 2011, W/VE Island QSO Party KC9LBO
N4I FL488R Venetian Waterway Park, 29 May 2012, SE Qualification KD4MZM
W9I IN008L Ernie Pyle, 4 Aug 2012, SE Qualification KB9BVN
K9C IL040R Coopers, 15 Aug 2012, SE Qualification WD9FMB
W1S ME104S Seguin, 31 Aug 2012, ILLW SE Qualification AK4KP
K5H AR015L Horseshoe, 1 Oct. 2012, SE Qualification K5KVN
W4K FL479S Peanut, 25+26 May 2013, SE  AG4BV
W4O NC001S Ocracoke, 25-28 July 2013, IOTA SE  N4YDU
K9M WI006L Madeline, 27 July-4 Aug 2013, SE  KØBBC
W1T MA001S Thacher, 4-10 Aug 2013, IOTA SE  W1GLO
N8I MI001L Isle Royale, 9-11 Aug 2013, SE KCØMKS
K4S GA007 Sapelo, 12-14 Sept 2013, IOTA SE W4BTI
W1C NH023 Four Tree, 21 Sept 2013, Chowdercon QRP Afield SE WA1ZCQ
K5T LA002S Timbalier, 11-13 Oct 2013, IOTA SE  AB5EB
W9W IL029R Island Park, 28+29 Jun 2014, Field Day SE N9BBE
W4O NC001S Ocracoke, 20-24 Jul 2014, IOTA Contest SE  N4YDU
N5T TX011S Mustang, 25-27 Jul 2014, IOTA Contest SE  K5NGU
W4A FL284S Cunningham Key, 16-17 Aug 2014, ILLW SE N4MAA
W1T MA001S Thacher, 16-17 Aug 2014, ILLW SE  W1GLO
K4L NC001S Ocracoke, 16-17 Aug 2014, ILLW SE KV4TR
N8M MI089 Murray Lake, 18+19 Oct 2014, SE Qualification  KD8HNF
W4H TN047 Graveyard, 30 Oct-3 Nov 2014, SE Qualification  W9DLK
N4F NC010S Bogue Banks/Emerald, 25 Apr 2015, SE W4YMI
W4T FL013S Garden Key/Dry Tortugas, 4-6 May 2015, SE  WAØSPG
N4J FL479S Peanut 22-24 May 2015,  SE  KV4MS
W4O NC001S Ocracoke, 23-25 Jul 2015, IOTA Contest N4YDU
K4P VA002S Chincoteague, 23 July-1 Aug 2015, IOTA Contest  N3JS
K6W OI012S Wake Atoll, 4-19 Sept 2015, SE AG6IP
N4P FL286S New Smyrna Beach, 2 Jan 2016, NPOTA SE  K3TW
N4H SC004S Sullivan, 20 Feb 2016, SE  N4EE
W9U IL053 Moose, 29 May 2016, SE Qualification  KD9DBQ
K1T MA010S Spectacle, May 2016 NPOTA & SE Qualification KC1CWF
N9G IL057 Gilligans, 13 July 2016 SE Qualification WD9FMB
K1W NH022S White, 29-31 July 2016, SE K1RX
W1V VT020L Burton, 12 August 2017, SE W1SJ
K4I VA069L, Rocky Run, 26 August 2017, W/VE Island QSO Party NS4J
K4D FL005S, Dog Island DXpedition, 2-9 June 2018, SE K5TEN
K4I VA070R Marsh, 25 August 2018, W/VE Island QSO Party NS4J
K3USI 25 islands, all year for the USI 25 anniversary award January 1 – December 31, 2019, SE NS4J
K4D FL005S, Dog Island DXpedition, 1-14 June 2019, SE K5TEN
W2C NY043R, Rogers, 29 August 2020, W/VE Island QSO Party W2WCR
K4D FL005S, Dog Island DXpedition, 9-18 September 2020, SE  K5TEN
W9F IL060, Clark, 26 September 2020, SE Qualification W9DSR
W9F IL062, Walton South, 24 April 2021, SE Qualification W9DSR
N2B, N2D N2H, N2N, N2O, N2V   Bannerman, 11-13 June 2021, SE Qualification N2HVD
K5D MS011S Deer, SE 22-24 October 2021, SE N2PKW

To be considered for the Worked USI Clubs (WUC) Award, please mail or email your name, call sign, address and list of USI clubs or special event stations worked by date and USI name to:

Jay Chamberlain  NS4J
27 Fox Run Lane
Fredericksburg, Va 22405

Include $3.00 (for US or DX stations) with your application. Please make checks payable to: Jay Chamberlain/ Fee can also be sent via Zelle.

Would you like to activate an Official USI Special Event station? If you plan to use a 1×1 call, contact Jay NS4J with your proposed event or island expedition and it will be added to the official event list above.

How about using a 1 x 1 expedition/special event call sign? It’s very easy to get one assigned for a limited two week period. Visit the ARRL Special Event Call Signs for details.

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