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A Brief History of USI

The United States Islands Awards Program (USI) covers islands that are within the fifty (50) states of the United States, and the U.S Territories and Protectorates. These island can be in lakes, rivers, and along the coastal shore line. Fresh water or salt water.

The USI was formed in 1994 to further enhance “island chasing” that had become so popular on the amateur radio bands. The goal of the USI program is to promote a simple but effective system of island chasing and activating in a professional radio-manner and to operate totally on the “honor system”. The USI warmly welcomes all ham radio operators, shortwave listeners (SWL), and island enthusiasts to yet another facet of island chasing. The USI is open to anyone interested in working toward the many and varied US Island Awards by collecting and activating US islands.

We are not affiliated in any way with the Islands On The Air (IOTA) awards program offered by Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd.

USI Committee

The governing body of USI is the USI Committee (COM) and is composed of the Program Coordinator (PC), a Qualifications Manager (QM), an Awards Manager(AM), a Contest Manager (CM), a Special Events Manager (SM), several Advisors (A), and a Web masters (WM). The Program Coordinator (PC) will administer USI with assistance from the QM, AM, CM, SM, WM and Advisors. The QM will assign state island numbers and maintain the US Island list.

Program Coordinator Open  
Qualifications Manager
Ted Sarah W8TTS
Awards Manager Jay Chamberlain NS4J
Contest Manager Jay Chamberlain NS4J
Co-Webmaster Jay Chamberlain  
Co-Webmaster Ted Sarah W8TTS
Special Events Manager Terry Joyner W4YBV
Advisor Brian Duddy  N2BTD
Advisor Dennis Tuchalski N9WDQ
Advisor Terry Joyner W4YBV
Advisor John Wallis W0YJT
Advisor (Canada) Bill Nangle VE3FI

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