US Islands Awards Program

30th Anniversary Award – 2024

USI is offering a special 30th Anniversary award for both hunters and activators running from January 1 to December 31, 2024.

Hunters: Work towards confirming 30 different islands during 2024, as a club or individual. The award will be issued in 5 island increments.

Activators: Work towards activating or qualifying 30 different islands, any combination of expeditions or fixed QTH. (see below)

Activators, Island Expeditions: Work toward operating from 30 different islands in any combination of activations or qualifications.  A minimum of 15 QSOs must be made for both a new island qualification and an island activation to be considered for this award. This can be issued to a club call, (multiple members under one call) or individual.

Bonus for qualifying new islands. Add to your island count by qualifying a new island and receive a 1.5 bonus for each island. 

Activators, Fixed Island: Operate from a fixed island (permanent home QTH or vacation temporary location) 30 times. Count one operation per day. Operate for a minimum of 1 hour, making a minimum of 15 QSOs.

All USI 30th Anniversary expedition operations, please notify the Committee using the calendar form so your operation can be posted to the calendar, Facebook and Slack groups. Call CQ US Islands, mention our 30th anniversary and announce the USI number.

Hunters and activators, this award will be issued to a single club or personal call sign in 5 islands increments. In other words, if you only manage 20 islands, your 30th Anniversary award will be endorsed for 20 islands.

Individual Award Certificate ~ $5.00 includes postage.
Club Award Certificates ~ TBD, the total certificates based on actual printing cost and postage.

Under our honor system, send the Award Manager, NS4J a list of confirmed or activated islands. The list should include Name, Call, address, email of the awardee and USI number, island name, date worked or activated, Call used or worked. If the awardee is a club call sign, include all operator calls.


Activators, Island Expeditions:

Activators, Fixed Island:

K7IOC Lee WA003S Camano


N2BTD Brian New York
W0YJT John Kansas
NS4J Jay Virginia
K7IOC Lee Washington

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