US Islands Awards Program

Jay Chamberlain

WI060L Horseshoe, KD9FM

It took me 2 attempts but got the 5 contacts I needed plus 20 more to qualify Horseshoe Island WI060L off the Door County Peninsula of Wisconsin yesterday 24 September. I was so grateful that conditions on the band were better than on August 27th 73’s, Paul KD9FM.
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N4SVC FL528S North Key August 2016

On August 27, 2016, members of the Suwannee Amateur Radio Club participated in two events from North Key Island, FL (Cedar Keys). N4SVC operated in the US Islands Awards Program to qualify the island for the first time. It is now designated FL528S. Continue reading

W4YVB Turkey Isl. Expedition FL496R & FL497R Nov. 2014

Way down upon the Suwannee River … I bet you can’t say that without singing it! Three NFARL members, Terry Joyner (W4YBV), Wes Lamboley (W3WL), and Jim Paine (N4SEC) set out on November 22 and 23 from Steinhatchee Florida for fun and a good time with ham radio by making contacts from the Turkey Islands on the beautiful Suwannee River in west central Florida.
The Micro-DX-Pedition operated from Terry’s 26 foot center-console boat and wire antennas were deployed on the islands. Although the antenna installations weren’t “Pretty”, they managed to work quite well.
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W4YBV Pepperfish Keys FL492, FL493, FL494 May 2014

Two NFARL Members, Terry Joyner (W4YBV) and Jim Paine (N4SEC) set out on a fun adventure of qualifying three new islands off the west coast of Florida on May 2, 3, and 4 with the US Islands Awards Program. Planning started several months in advance by looking at tide tables, our availability, and other factors. Our island transportation was Terry’s 26 foot Carolina Skiff Center-Console fishing boat.
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NS4J Marco Isl. FL025S January 2012

This activation of Marco Island, FL025S was not very successful in my eyes. I was plagued with equipments problems both days of operations. The first day the Yaesu was over run with static crashes on receive. I only managed 25 QSOs in a little over 2 hours, but I did snag Japan and Australia. The second day the Yaesu would only manage 20 watts out on all bands. With the NA QSO party in full swing it wasn’t worth my time yelling CQ so after 2 QSOs I packed it in and met my wife on the beach for a Pina Colada.
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