US Islands Awards Program

Ted Sarah

W1SYE Qualifies Little Gould (RI031R)

The following Rhode Island island was Qualified by W1SYE:

Little Gould (RI031R) – Sakonnet River / Narragansett Bay – Newport County

73 – Ted – W8TTS

USI Island Directory

Hi all,

Well, we’ve been working, again, under the hood on the USI Island Directory. Most of what was done will be transparent to you but will make it easier for us to maintain the various lists. All of the State, Territory, and Protectorates are now in tables.

One nice little thing that came out of it is the ability to search the individual lists. Sorry, but you can’t search the whole list.

73 – Ted -W8TTS

New USI maps

Hi all,

We’ve been busy. We’ve added a Google map to each of the state/territory lists, and it shows the location of all the islands that are on the list. You will see a Google map icon next to the blue island counts, click on that, and it will jump to the map. The map, except for the full USA map which is on its own page, is at the bottom of every page. The little white square in the upper right corner of the map will make the map full screen.


Click on a marker to see the island name and number.


73 – Ted – W8TTS

Individual map links added to each state/territory page

A link to the Google Earth file (.kmz) for the islands within each state and territory has been added to it’s page.  The color of the icon on the map indicates the status of the island, a pink icon indicates a Qualified island, and a yellow icon indicates an island that hasn’t been Qualified. And, as with all things, if you find a error let us know.
Look for this icon map-52 in front of the island count.