US Islands Awards Program

USI Special Event Week

The purpose of the US Islands (USI) Special Event week, June 12-20, 2021, is to promote friendship among all Amateur radio operators who enjoy getting outdoors to operating portable or mobile. But it’s not the only way for you to take part in this event. Everyone can participate in this 9-day, 201-hour event and never leave your shack by being an island chaser to earn an award certificate. Contacts and opportunity are endless by working new states, working new grid squares, working new US islands or new parks. This event is for anyone who loves new accomplishments in this great hobby.

Terry Joyner W4YBV

USI Special Event Manager

Awards and Rules

Mt. Desert Island ME021S Award
Island Activation Expeditions, Individual or Club. No minimum QSO count. (steps of 2, highest island total. All Mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

Governors Island NY012S Award
Island Qualification Expeditions, Individual or Club. USI minimum 15 QSOs. (steps of 2, highest island total. All Mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

Hatteras/Pea Island NC005S Award
Combined Expeditions (Qualifications and Activations), Individual or Club. (steps of 2, highest island total.  All Mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

San Juan Island WA004S Award
Operating from fixed island station, Individual or Club. (steps of 25 QSO’s, highest QSO total. All Mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

Alcatraz Island CA005S Award
Island-2-Island QSO’s, Individual or Club. (steps of 5, highest QSO total, All mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

Galveston Island TX001S Award
Non-Island chaser, Individual or Club. (steps of 5 islands for individuals. Steps of 10 islands for Clubs), highest island total. All mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

Key West FL040S Award
POTA/USI Combined Expeditions, Individual or Club. Combined (Q + A). Qualification (USI minimum 15 Qs) Activation (POTA minimum 10 QSOs) (steps of 2, highest island total, All Mode, QRP, CW only, Digital only)

General Rules

Please use the USI calendar form to notify us of your planned Expeditions, Fixed stations and Club participation.  
USI also has a FaceBook Group and a group on

Regardless of the number of Club members, aggregate, all expeditions, fixed island QSOs, Isl-2-Isl, POTA/USI and chased QSOs into one total.

USI operates on the Honor System. No logs required. An email award application to TBD with a summary is required including the following information:
Award applying for, Individual or Club, mode, Call sign (Club list all participants calls), List of USI # (List dates and totals of QSOs or expeditions or qualifications. Club members calls and totals. Include POTA# if on USI.

A link will be returned for your individual or Club printable PDF award certificate.

All award applications must be in before August 31, 2021 to receive a certificate.

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