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BuckVI008SCaribbean SeaSt. CroixNA106KC5CW/KP2Buck Island Reef National Monument
Green CayVI009Caribbean SeaSt. Croix-Not yet qualifiedGreen Cay National Wildlife Refuge
HasselVI001Caribbean SeaSt. ThomasNA106-Not yet qualified 
Little Hans LollikVI006Atlantic OceanSt. Thomas -Not yet qualifiedabout 2 miles off the north side of St. Thomas and 600 feet north of Hans Lollik Island
Lovango CayVI007Atlantic OceanSt. Thomas -Not yet qualifiedpart of the Pillsbury Sound area between St. John and St. Thomas
Protestant Cay /
Hotel on the Cay
VI010Caribbean SeaSt. Croix-Not yet qualified
RuthVI011Caribbean SeaSt. Croix-Not yet qualifiedat entrance to Container and Molasses Ports.
St. CroixVI002SCaribbean SeaSt. CroixNA106KP2/KL7USI & KP2/KL7JR 
St. JohnVI003SCaribbean SeaSt. JohnNA106KP2/W4SIG (NP2C)
St. ThomasVI004SCaribbean SeaSt. ThomasNA106KP2A 
WaterVI005SCaribbean SeaSt. ThomasNA106NP2/N5AW 


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