US Islands Awards Program

Portable Operations ~ A Practical Overview

Christian Bravo ~ W4ALF 6 August 2016
Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club

I am fairly new to ham radio Tech in Jan 2014 and Extra by March of 2014. 2014 and 2015 focused around completing WAS, DXCC 150, WAZ awards. My 2015 main focus was learning CW and becoming active in that mode. I am now predominantly a CW operator (but work all modes). I have taken Level 2 and 3 of CWops Training Academy classes. I am a Cwops Member #1695 and SKCC member #14105T.
My most recent interest has been working portable and QRP. Working portable though is not always “QRP”. Depends on the situation. I started with larger QRO rigs and slowly migrated to the smaller and highly portable QRP rigs since I mainly work CW and I like to hike and operate on the trails and parks. Current portable QRP rig is a KX2.

The presentation came out of my recent interest in working portable and the realization that are many forms of “working portable”. The backyard portable, SOTA/IOTA, pedestrian Mobile, etc. Some are QRO and other QRP.

It was meant as a primer or introduction to working portable with potential follow up presentations that focused on a particular mode or operating style, e.g. QRP or pedestrian mobile.


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