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AbseconNJ003SAtlantic OceanAtlantic KC2YIHas Atlantic City On It
AlexNJ004Lakes BayAtlantic -Not yet qualified1.8 miles East of Northfield, NJ
Anglesea MarshNJ027SICWWCape May KA3UNQ/MN. Of Wildwood Isl. - On Rte147 & Cr619
BonnetNJ011SManahawkin BayOceanNA111K2OLG/MBetween Long Beach & The Main Land - On Rte 72
Brigantine/BootNJ020SAtlantic OceanAtlanticNA111K2OLG/MN.E. Of Atlantic City - Us 30 To Rte 87
BullNJ044Delaware River Hunterdon -Not yet qualified
BurlingtonNJ035RDelaware RiverBurlington K2JXWNorth of Burlington in Delaware River
Cape MayNJ029SAtlantic/Cape HarbCape May N2WG/MHome to Cape May Lighthouse.Special Note
Cedar BonnetNJ012SManahawkin BayOceanNA111K2OLG/MBetween Long Beach & The Main Land - On Rte 72
Chadwick BeachNJ018SBarnegat BayOcean W2CE/M/N2QXFE. Of Toms River - Rte 37 To Rte 35 To Strickland
Chelsea HarborNJ033SLakes bayAtlantic KA3UNQ/PWest Of Atlantic City On RT.40 Next to Great Island In Lakes Bay
ChesterNJ038RDelaware RiverGloucester ND3E >OpsEast of the Commodore Barry Bridge
EllisNJ036RUpper New York BayHudson W2GLQEllis 1.3 miles South of Jersey City, NJ adjacent Liberty State Park
Five Mile (Wildwood)NJ016SAtlantic OceanCape May KA3UNQ/MHome of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. READ MORE
Game CreekNJ037RSalem RiverSalem NM5RC/PSpecial note
GreatNJ005SLakes BayAtlantic KA3UNQ/MW. Of Atlantic City - On Us 40
HalseyNJ039Lake HopatcongMorris -Not yet qualifiedSE of Raccoon Island (NJ028 )
KiahsNJ021SShelter Island BayAtlantic K2OLG/MS.W. Of Atlantic City - Us 9 To Cr 563 First Isl From Mainland
LibertyNJ023RHudson RiverHudson WB2EJZ/2Has The Statue Of Liberty On It
Long Beach (Tucker)NJ001SAtlantic OceanOceanNA111WB3CDX/ME. Of Manahawkin - At The End Of Rte 72
LudlamNJ041SAtlantic OceanCape MayN2NFL
MysticNJ042SBogans CoveOceanK2XE
Ocean City BarrierNJ034SGreat Harbor BayCape May KE2I/PLat/Lon is approx 39.25n-74.6w; Great Egg Harbor Bay
Ocean County BarrierNJ008SAtlantic OceanOcean W2CE/MREAD MORE
OsbornNJ043SGreat BayOceanWB2SNJOn Great Bay. Twelve miles north of Atlantic City.
Oyster Creek IslNJ030SManahawkin BayOcean KA3UNQ/POff HY 9 & Garden State Pkwy. Way by Nuclear Power Plant
PelicanNJ014SSilver BayOcean WB3CDX/MIntracoastal W.W. - E. Of Toms River On Rte 37
Penrose Channel IslNJ032SAbsecon BayAtlantic KA3UNQ/PWest Of Atlantic City On RT.30 By Venice Park & Granicy Ave.
PettyNJ010RDelaware RiverCamden W2MMD >OpsBetween Camden & Philadelphia - In The Back Channel
PorkNJ009SLakes BayAtlantic W2MMD >OpsBetween Northfield & Margate City - On Cr 563
RaccoonNJ028Hopatcong LakeSussex -Not yet qualifiedIn Hopatcong Lake Sussex co.
RainbowNJ040SGreat Egg Harbor BayCape MayW2MMD >Ops
SassafrasNJ025SAtlantic OceanCape May KA3UNQ/M 
Seven MileNJ015SAtlantic OceanCape MayNA111W3KHAvalon & Stone Harbor, NJ are located on this island.
Shark RiverNJ022RShark RiverMonmouth K2OLG/MS. Of Asbury Park - Rte 35 To River Rd.
ShellingersNJ024SCape May HarborCape May KA3UNQ/MN.E. Of The City Of Cape May
SoldiersNJ002Mirror LakeBurlington -Not yet qualifiedIn The City Of Browns Mills
Stone Harbor see NJ015SNJ019SAtlantic OceanCape MayNA111N3IRZ/2DELETED - READ MORE
Tom'sNJ007Lakes BayAtlantic -Not yet qualifiedBetween Northfield & Margate City - On Cr 563
TreasureNJ017RDelaware RiverHunterdon K3JLK/2S. Of Frenchtown At Kingwood Station On Rte 29
Venice Lagoon IslNJ031SAbsecon BayAtlantic KA3UNQ/PWest Of Atlantic City On RT.30 By VENICE Park & Granicy Ave.
West PointNJ013SSilver BayOcean WB3CDX/MIntracoastal W.W. - E. Of Toms River - 1 Mile N. Of Pelican
West WildwoodNJ026SICWWCape May KA3UNQ/MW. Of Wildwood Isl. - Pacific Ave To Cr621
WhirlpoolNJ006Lakes BayAtlantic -Not yet qualifiedW. Of Atlantic City - S.W. Of Great Island

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