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BellCT024SSheffield Isl HarbFairfield WB1BVQ/MDELETED - READ MORE
BettsCT002Sheffield Isl HarbFairfield -Not yet qualifiedS. Of Norwalk - N. Of Chimon Island
BridgeCT028LMansfield Hollow LTolland NM5RC/PNear Mansfield Center, CT Island is just north of Bassett Bridge
CalfCT027SLong Island SoundFairfield N2YTFJust south of Byram Harbor
CandlewoodCT022LLake CandlewoodFairfield WB1BVQ/MNew Fairfield - on Hwy 37; then HWy 39; N.E. to Island on Candlewood Lake
CanfieldCT018SAtlantic OceanFairfield WB1BVQ/ME. Of Norwalk-I95 To East Ave To Old Saugatuck Rd Then South
CharlesCT010GulfNew Haven -Not yet qualifiednear Bridgeport - NE on I95; in the Gulf by Myrtle Beach
ChimonCT004Sheffield Isl HarbFairfieldNA136-Not yet qualifiedS. Of Norwalk - 1/2 Mile From The Entrance Of Norwalk Harbor
CockenoeCT011Cockenoe HarborFairfieldNA136-Not yet qualifiedS.E. Of Norwalk - Due S. Of Cedar Point
ContentmentCT023SSheffield Isl HarbFairfield WB1BVQ/MStamford - SE on I95 to Rowaytown then Hwy 136 to Old Farm Rd. then South
CoveCT026SAtlantic OceanFairfield WB1BVQ/MDELETED - READ MORE
DeerCT016LBantam LakeLitchfield WF1N/MDELETED - READ MORE
EndersCT014SFishers Isl. SoundNew London AD4LX/MS. Of Mystic - Us 1 To Mason's Isl. Rd. To Yacht Club Rd.
FalknerCT001SLong Island SoundNew HavenNA136KM1RIn Long Island Sound New Haven County
FayerweatherCT032Long Island SoundFairfield -Not yet qualifiedat the entrance to Black Water Harbor. between Fairfield and Bridgeport CT
FireworksCT037RQuinnipiac RiverNew Haven W1NRG >OPssouth of Rt. 68 and west of Rt.15
GildersleeveCT029Connecticut RiverMiddlesex -Not yet qualifiedSE of Blow Hole State Park, near the I-91/Rt.9 Interchange
GorhamCT019RSaugatuck RiverFairfield WB1BVQ/MDELETED - READ MORE
Great CaptainCT034SLong Island SoundFairfield W1ASB/Psouth of Greenwich, CT
GrassyCT003Sheffield Isl HarbFairfieldNA136-Not yet qualifiedS. Of Norwalk - N.E. Of Chimon Island
HaddamCT042RConnecticut RiverMiddlesexKC1MEB >OPs
Holly HockCT015RThames RiverNew London AD4LX/MDELETED - READ MORE
HoytCT009Sheffield Isl HarbFairfield -Not yet qualifiednear Norwalk - I95 to Hwy 136, then south to the island
Johnson / Mother-in-LawCT033Long Island SoundNew Haven -Not yet qualifiedone of The Thimble Islands
MasonCT013SFishers Isl. SoundNew London AD4LX/MS. Of Mystic - Us 1 To Mason's Isl. Rd.
Gardner LakeNew LondonKC1NQE >OPs
Nash / East PrattCT020SAtlantic OceanFairfield WB1BVQ/MDELETED - READ MORE
North FarmsCT035LNorth Farms ReservoirNew Haven W1NRG >OPsLocated north of Barnes Rd. West of it's interchange with I91
OuterCT031SLong Island SoundNew Haven W1BXYone of the Thimble Islands off Stony Creek
PeachCT006Norwalk HarborFairfield -Not yet qualifiedS. Of Norwalk - N.E. Of Harborview
PotCT017SAtlantic OceanNew Haven WF1N/PS.E. Of Branford & S. Of Stoney Creek About 1 Mile
Pratt #1 / West PrattCT021SAtlantic OceanFairfield WB1BVQ/MStamford - Take I95 south; E.on Hwy 1 to Nearwater Ln.; then S. to island
Sandy Point CT039SBlock Island Sound /
Long Island Sound
New LondonW1QV >OPsIsland is in both Connecticut and Rhode Island. See: RI036
ScraggyCT012LLake PocotopaugMiddlesex N1WMN/PS.E. Of Hartford - N.W. Of E. Hampton
Selden NeckCT041Connecticut RiverNew London-Not yet qualified
Shea / RamCT005SSheffield Isl Harbor / Long Island SoundFairfieldNA136W1ASBS. Of Norwalk - S. W. Of Chimon Island
SheffieldCT008SSheffield Isl HarbFairfieldNA136NU2L/PS. Of Norwalk - S.W. Of Chimon Island
SherwoodCT038SLong Island SoundFairfieldW1QKWestport, CT south of I-95.
TavernCT007Sheffield Isl HarbFairfield -Not yet qualifiedS. Of Norwalk - W. Of Chimon Island & E. Of Wilson Point
TurnipCT036RHousatonic RiverLitchfield W1SYE >OPsJust south of the Housatonic Meadows Campground in the Housatonic Meadows State Park
TwomileCT025RHousatonic RiverFairfield WB1BVQ/MDELETED - READ MORE
WilcoxCT030Connecticut RiverMiddlesex -Not yet qualifiedN of the Arrigoni Bridge between Middletown and Portland


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