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AmberlyUT009LFerron ResrvrSanpete K7OWJ/PRes 20 miles W Ferron City. Isl is S isl and is 500 ft from W shore
AntelopeUT001LGreat Salt LakeDavis NT7Y/PW of City of Clearfield at end of Hwy 127, causeway-bridge access
AntelopeUT023LLake PowellKane NM5RCE of Wahweap & N of Antelope Marinas; N end is UT023, S end is AZ023
Antelope Causeway #1UT010LGreat Salt LakeDavis AA5AT/MUT010L and UT011L are the same island. Special Note
Antelope Causeway #2UT011LSee note.Great Salt LakeDavis AA5AT/MDELETED - READ MORE
CarringtonUT002Great Salt LakeTooele -Not yet qualifiedIsland near west shore and 20 miles due W of Antelope Island
CubUT007Great Salt LakeBox Elder -Not yet qualifiedIsl in Gunnison Bay 1/4 miles N or UT004 (Gunnison Island)
DolphinUT005Great Salt LakeBox Elder -Not yet qualifiedIsl in Gunnison Bay, 2 miles from W shore, 12 miles NW of UT004
Farley #1UT013LLake PowellSan Juan NM5RC/PIsl in Farley Canyon 1 mile from mouth of canyon at lake mile 135
FremontUT003LGreat Salt LakeBox Elder N7KGIsl is 16 miles W of city of Roy, 8 miles NNW of Antelope Island
GunnisonUT004Great Salt LakeBox Elder -Not yet qualifiedIsl in Gunnison Bay, 7 miles from W shore & 18 miles from E shore
HatUT008Great Salt LakeBox Elder -Not yet qualifiedIn Gilbert Bay, 5 mi W Box Elder-Tooele-Davis-Weber counties corner
Lone RockUT021LLake PowellKane NM5RC / KD5MSSIn Wahweap Bay 3.5 miles NW of Wahweap Marina
Mile 135UT015LLake PowellGarfield NM5RC/PIsl next to lake mile 135 marker; just S of Trachyte Island
Mile 19UT018LLake PowellKane NM5RC / KD5MSSIn Padre Bay SW lake mile marker 19 & NW of lake mile marker 18
OspreyUT017LStarvation Reserv.Duchesne NM5RC/PIsland 0.5 miles SW of state park campground boat ramp
Padre BayUT020LLake PowellSan Juan NM5RC / KD5MSSIsland in Padre Bay 1 mile N of Padre Butte Island
Padre ButteUT019LLake PowellSan Juan NM5RC / KD5MSSIn Padre Bay near lake mile 21
Padre PointUT022LLake PowellSan Juan NM5RC / KD5MSSIsl in Padre Bay 1/4 mile N of Padre Point & next to lake mile 18
Rainbow PointUT006Strawberry ResrvrWasatch -Not yet qualifiedIsl is in Rainbow Bay 2.7 miles SE of Strawberry Bay boat ramp
Sand HollowUT024Sand Hollow ReservoirWashington-Not yet qualifiedSand Hollow State Park
StansburyUT012LGreat Salt LakeTooele W7DB/MIsl SW corner of lake, 3 miles N of I-80
The IslandUT016LScofield ReservoirCarbon NM5RC/POnly island in reservoir; in center of reservoir
TrachyteUT014LLake PowellGarfield NM5RC/PAt mouth of Trachyte Canyon at lake mile 135; just N of Mile 135 Isl


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