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U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

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BakerOI001SPacific Ocean OC089K1B 
DesecheoOI002SCaribbean Sea NA095KP4AM/DDELETED - READ MORE
Eastern (Midway I.)OI003Pacific OceanMidway IslandsOC030-Not yet qualified 
HowlandOI004SPacific Ocean OC089AH1A 
JarvisOI005SPacific Ocean OC081KH5/AD1S 
Johnston AtollOI006SPacific Ocean OC023KJ6BZ 
Kingman ReefOI007SPacific Ocean OC096KP6KRDELETED - READ MORE
Kure AtollOI008SPacific Ocean OC020K7KDELETED - READ MORE
NavassaOI009SCaribbean Sea NA098KP1/KP2A 
Palmyra AtollOI010SPacific Ocean OC085KP6AL 
Sand (Johnston Atoll)OI013SPacific Ocean OC023KJ6BV 
Sand (Midway I.)OI011SPacific OceanMidway IslandsOC030NH4/KD7P 
Wake AtollOI012SPacific Ocean OC053KW6EJ 


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