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AultonTN009RClinch River / Melton Hill LakeAnderson KE4QDZ/Pnear the city of Clinton
BaileyTN059Chickamauga LakeHamilton -Not yet qualifiedjust east of Chester Frost County Park
Barton HillTN030LNormandy LakeCoffee WA4JA 
BearTN043LJ. Percy Priest LakeDavidson WB5WAJ, KG4VKG, & KI4UVLNear Donalson, TN
Bear HoleTN013Clinch River / Norris LakeUnion -Not yet qualifiedBear Hole is in Lake Norris
Blythe Ferry RampTN068Chickamauga Lake /
Tennessee River
Rhea-Not yet qualifiedPart of the
'Trail of Tears'
BoydTN025RHolston River / Ft. Loudoun LakeKnox WU4I 
BussellTN020RTennessee RiverLoudon WA4JAat confluence Tenn & Little Tenn Rivers
CentennialTN004RMississippi RiverTipton AA5ZA/MCentennial Mississippi River Tipton
ClintonTN008RClinch River / Melton Hill LakeAnderson KE4QDZ/Pnear Clinton Tenn in the Clinch River.
Coon DentonTN049Hiwassee RiverBradely -Not yet qualified 
DallasTN026LChickamauga LakeHamilton WA4JAIn county park and campground in Dallas Bay, TN
DaviesTN062LCenter Hill LakeDeKalb WS4S/4 >OPsSW of Cookeville, TN
Devils StepTN038LTim's Ford LakeFranklin KG4YFRNear Fayetteville, TN
Dickinson (Knoxville)TN010RTennessee RiverKnox AD4LX/MNear the city of Knoxville at the airport
DollarTN011LClinch River / Norris LakeUnion KE4QDZ/PLake Norris in Union County
Dover LightTN033LLake BarkleyStewart NM5RC/PIsl 2000 feet E of US-79 bridge over lake at Dover; Dover nav light on isl
DuckTN065RHolston River, South ForkSullivan NF4GA >OPsin Warrior's Path State Park
ElderTN042Woods ReservoirFranklin -Not yet qualifiedWoods Reservoir, Near Fayetteville, TN
Fate Sanders MarinaTN032LJ. Percy Priest LakeRutherford WA4JAJust north of Smyrna, TN
FirstTN045Dale Hollow LakeClay -Not yet qualified 
GalbraithTN031LNorris LakeAnderson WU4I 
GeigerTN046Dale Hollow LakeClay -Not yet qualified 
GoatTN036Dale Hollow Res.Clay -Not yet qualified 
GoodallTN069Cumberland RiverSmith-Not yet qualified
GooseTN063J. Percy Priest LakeRutherford -Not yet qualifiednorth of Cook Public Use Area
GraveyardTN047LDale Hollow LakeClay W4H >OPs 
GreatTN027RTennessee RiverMonroe WA4JA 
GuinnTN051Hiwassee RiverPolk -Not yet qualified 
GullTN012Clinch River / Norris LakeUnion -Not yet qualifiedGull is in Lake Norris
Half MoonTN019LTennessee RiverRoane WA8BMY,KW4JSNear point where 3 counties meet in Roane County
HarbourTN021LOld Hickory LakeWilson WA4JAWilson Cty in Old Hickory Lake
Hole In The WallTN035LJ. Percy Priest LakeDavidson WB5WAJEast of Nashville
Island #35TN005RMississippi RiverTipton AA5ZA/MIsland #35 Mississippi River Tipton
Island #37TN006RMississippi RiverTipton AA5ZA/PIsland #37 Mississippi River Tipton
Island #40 (Beef)TN001RMississippi RiverShelby AA5ZA/PIsland #40 ( Beef I Mississippi River Shelby
John A PattenTN058Chickamauga LakeHamilton -Not yet qualifiedjust southwest of Harrison Bay State Park
JohnsonTN028French Broad RiverKnox -Not yet qualifiedEast of Knoxville near Johnson University
JohnsonTN060Nolichucky RiverGreene -Not yet qualifiedoff of W. Allens Bridge Rd and Storm Rd, SW of Greeneville
LeatherwoodTN041Tim's Ford LakeFranklin -Not yet qualifiedNear Fayetteville, TN
Little GoatTN037Dale Hollowy Res.Clay -Not yet qualified 
Lock 4TN034RCumberland River / Old Hickory LakeSumner WA4JA/PNear GallatiN TN
LooneyTN024RTennessee RiverKnox WU4I 
MaclellanTN064Tennessee RiverHamilton -Not yet qualifiedIn Chattanooga, TN
Maple Bend SouthTN040Tim's Ford LakeFranklin -Not yet qualifiedTim's Ford Lake, Near Fayetteville, TN
Marion County ParkTN018RTennessee RiverMarion NE4S/MNickjack Lake 1 Mi. South of Rankin Isl
McClary EastTN053Hiwassee RiverPolk -Not yet qualified 
McClary WestTN052Hiwassee RiverPolk -Not yet qualified 
MudTN002RMississippi RiverShelby AA5ZA/4Mud Mississippi River Shelby
Newman'sTN066RFrench Broad RiverKnoxKM4BLGpart of the Seven Islands State Birding Park
OpossumTN048Dale Hollow LakeClay -Not yet qualified 
OrrsTN054Ocoee RiverPolk -Not yet qualified 
PanterTN067LTim's Ford LakeFranklinWA4JA
PigTN022LJ. Percy Priest LakeDavidson WB5WAJ 
PilotTN015Clinch River / Norris LakeUnion -Not yet qualifiedPilot Island is in Lake Norris.
Pleasant GroveTN029LDale Hollow LakeClay WA4JA 
PonderosaTN055LJ. Percy Priest LakeDavidson WB5WAJ >OPsNear Donalson, TN
PresidentsTN003RMississippi RiverShelby AA5ZA/4Presidents Mississippi River Shelby
RankinTN017RTennessee River / Nickajack LakeMarion N9TQA/MNear Haletow N on I-24, 2 rest stops on island.
River's BendTN057J. Percy Priest LakeDavidson -Not yet qualifiedNear Poole Knobs Recreation Area
RockTN061LJ. Percy Priest LakeRutherford W4LKRNear Poole Knobs Recreation Are
SkullTN023LChickamauga LakeHamilton WA4JAIn campground near Harrison Bay, TN
Spring CreekTN056RTennessee RiverPerry WA4JAMousetail Landing State Park, Tenn. River
Thief NeckTN007RTennessee RiverRoane KW4JS,AJ4B,KF4ASUTenn. River
TrooperTN044LDale Hollow LakeClay KI4MTB & KI4TLWSame as KY019L
Williams BendTN016LClinch River / Melton Hill LakeKnox KE4QDZ/P1 Mi so. of Milton Hill In Carbide Park
Wood DuckTN014Clinch River / Norris LakeUnion -Not yet qualifiedWood Duck is in Lake Norris
WorkmanTN050Hiwassee RiverBradely -Not yet qualified


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