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ArmadilloOK021LSkiatook LakeOsage NM5RC/P0.4 miles SE of Hwy 20 bridge crossing lake
BeaverOK020LSkiatook LakeOsage NM5RC/PIn Hominy Creek arm 1.8 miles SE of Hwy 20 bridge crossing lake
Boot HillOK024LCopan LakeWashington NM5RC/POld cemetary 3 miles N of Copan city; near E shore at mouth of Cotton Crk
CanalOK014LLake MurrayLove NM5RC/PIsland formed when canal was built to connect the two lake arms
Carrizo OK032Lake Carl Etling Cimarron -Not yet qualified
ChisholmOK018LWaurika LakeJefferson NM5RC/P0.4 miles W of E boat ramp; 0.4 miles S of water intake structure
DuckOK027Sportsman LakeSeminole -Not yet qualifiedESE of Seminole OK, and 0.15 mile east of boat ramp. Special Note
Eastside OverholserOK029LLake OverholserOklahomaKG5JST
Field TrialOK015LLake MurrayCarter NM5RC/Pin W Anadarche lk arm just S of state park dog field trial area
HogOK011LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/P1 mile S of Lark (OK) boat ramp; between OK010L and OK006L islands
IntakeOK017LWaurika LakeJefferson NM5RC/P0.4 miles W of water intake structure on E shore
LittleOK008LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/P0.2 miles SW of North Isl (OK007L); 1 mile NE of Treasure Isl (OK006L)
>del>Lake O' CherokeesDelaware KB5IQJ/MDELETED - READ MORE
MurrayOK013LLake MurrayLove NM5RC/Pjust S of where lk splits into two arms; 1.2 miles E of Buzzard Roost CG
NorthOK007LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/Pmost Northerly of"The Islands" 1.8 miles W of Island View (TX) boat ramp
NorthOK016LLake MurrayCarter NM5RC/Pat N end of W Anadarche lk arm; 0.2 miles E of N boat ramp
OsageOK025LCopan LakeWashington NM5RC/P4 miles N of dam in center of lake; W of Boot Hill Island (OK024L)
PatriciaOK005LLake O' CherokeesDelaware KF8UN3.5 miles WNW of town of Grove; 1.5 miles E of Monkey Island
QuarryOK028LLake WisterLe Flore N5PHTpart of Lake Wister State Park
RabbitOK023LSkiatook LakeOsage NM5RC/P1.5 miles N of Hwy 20 bridge crossing Wildhorse Creek
Rock TowerOK012LLake MurrayMarshall NM5RC/POn E side of lake under rock tower; 1/3 of lake length from lake's S end
Rogers PointOK003RVerdigris RiverRogers N9WDQ/M2.5 miles SW of city of Verdigris where Hwy 66 crosses both river and island
Shuler BendOK002RLittle RiverMcCurtain AA5AT/M4.3 miles NE of town of Millerton; 3.5 miles SE of Wright City
SkiOK001LSki Island LakeOklahoma N9WDQ/AA5AT/Mat Ski Island Park at intersection of Mac Arthur Rd and NW 109th St
SnakeOK022LSkiatook LakeOsage NM5RC/PIn Bull Creek lake arm 1 mile N or mouth of arm
SouthOK026LCopan LakeWashington NM5RC/P0.4 miles SW of Boot Hill Isl (OK024L); 0.4 miles SE of Osage Isl (OK025L)
TreasureOK006LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/P1 mile S of Lark (OK) boat ramp; 1.5 miles NW of Highpoint (TX) boat ramp
Treasure OK030Lake Ellsworth Comanche -Not yet qualified
TurtleOK019LSkiatook LakeOsage NM5RC/PIn Hominy Creek arm 2.1 miles SE of Hwy 20 bridge crossing lake
WestOK009LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/Pmost Westerly of"The Islands"; 1.2 miles W of Lark (OK) boat ramp
Wolfpack OK031Lake Thunderbird Cleveland-Not yet qualified
WoodOK010LLake TexomaMarshall NM5RC/P0.8 miles WSW of Lark (OK) boat ramp; between OK009L & OK011L islands


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