US Islands Awards Program

North Fulton A.R.L. Exceeds Their 40th Anniversary Goal

NFARL (NF4GA) set out in early 2017 to celebrate their 40th club anniversary with a very unique USI adventure. Their goal, as a club was to operate from a minimum of 40 U.S. Islands. 10 menbers, Scott Straw KB4KBS, Jeff Otterson N1KDO, Jim Paine N4SEC, Terry Joyner W4YBV, Grant Register KK4PCR, Daryl Young K4RGK, Lori Young K4UPI, Bob Hensey K4VBM, John Norris N4IHV, and Bill Cobb K4YJJ joined forces to exceed their goal and operated from 46 USI with a total of 902 QSOs for the year.