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AmericanLA094RAmerican Pass RivSt MartinWN5W & AA5AT/PAmerican isl is in the American Pass river, St. Martin
Amite River #1LA033RAmite RiverAscensionAA5AT & WN5W/PW. Of Port Vincent - About 1.5 Miles
Amite River #2LA034RAmite RiverLivingstonWN5W & AA5AT/PW. Of Port Vincent - About 1/2 Mile
Amite River #3LA035RAmite RiverAscensionAA5AT & WN5W/PS.E. Of Port Vincent - About 1 Mile
Amite River #4LA036RAmite RiverAscensionWN5W & AA5AT/PS.E. Of Port Vincent - About 2 Miles
Amite River #5LA044RAmite RiverAscensionWN5W/P
Amite River #6LA045RAmite RiverAscensionWN5W/P
AveryLA031RVermillion RiverIberiaN5VWM/MNear the city of New Iberia
Bell Island PointLA061Wax Lake OutletSt Mary-Not yet qualifiedBell Island Point Wax Lake Outlet St. Mary
BellLA060SWax Lake OutletSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PBell Island, Wax Lake Outlet, St. Mary
BirdLA020SVermillion BayIberiaW5BOS/PREAD MORE
BiscuitLA080Biscuit/MarshTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedBiscuit Island Biscuit/Marsh Terrebonne
Black Prince / Isle du Prince de NoirLA032RBayou GaucheSt. CharlesWN5W/MS.W. Of New Orleans - S.E. Of Des Allamends
BretonLA007SBreton SoundPlaqueminesNA089N5UR/CS.E. Of New Orleans & N.E. Of Triumph
BurwoodLA105Gulf of MexicoPlaquemines-Not yet qualifiedEast side entrance to South West Pass, LA
CaminadaLA038SCaminada BayJeffersonAA5AT/M3 road miles SW of Grand Isle on Hwy 1; Elmer Island is between Grand Isle and Caminada Island.
CampLA076SBayou De CadeTerrebonneAA5AT/PCamp Island Bayou DeCade Terrebonne
Casse-teteLA012Timbalier BayLafourcheNA168-Not yet qualifiedIn the Timbalier Bay in the parish of Lafourche.
Chandeleur IslLA006SChandeleur SoundSt BernardNA089WX3I/PS. Of Biloxi & N.E. Of Triumph
ChicoLA039SCaminada BayJeffersonAA5AT/MReached by FAA Rd S off of Hwy 1 on Caminada Island (LA038S).
CoalboatLA064RWax Lake OutletSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PCoalboat Island Wax Lake Outlet St. Mary
ComfortLA018SMorgan Harbor PassSt BernardNA089WX3I/PBetween Chandeleur Island & The Mainland
Cote BlancheLA046SICWWSt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PNorth of Marsh Island N.A. 120
Crawford PointLA048SVermillion BaySt MaryAA5AT/MDELETED - READ MORE
CroesusLA088RFlat LakeSt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PCroesus isl in Flat lake and Atchafalaya St. Mary
CurlewLA008Chandeleur SoundPlaqueminesNA089-Not yet qualifiedS.W. Of Chandeleur Island
CutoffLA054RAtchafalaya RiverTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PCutoff Island Atchafalaya River Terrebonne
Cypremort PointLA047SVermillion Bay
West Cote Blanche Bay
St MaryAA5AT/MNorth of Marsh Island
Cypremort Point BeachLA049SVermillion BaySt MaryAA5AT/MNorth of Marsh Island
DeerLA057RAtchafalaya RiverTerrebonneWN5W & AA5AT/PDeer Island Atchafalaya River Terrebonne
Delta CampgroundLA059SAtchafalaya BaySt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PDelta Campground Is. Atchafalaya Bay St. Mary
DemourellesLA109RBayou St JohnOrleansK5VVS.W. Of Chandeleur Island
DogLA090RFlat LakeSt MartinWN5W & AA5AT/PDog isl in Flat lake and Atchafalaya River, St. Martin
DoiransLA081RIntracoastal CanalSt MartinAA5AT & WN5W/PDoirans Island in the Intracoastal canal, St. Martin Parish
DrewsLA089RFlat LakeSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PDrews isl in Flat lake and Atchafalaya St. Mary
EagleLA072LLost LakeTerrebonneWN5W & AA5AT/PEagle Island Lost Lake Terrebonne
East BayLA075SHellhole BayTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PEast Bay Island Hellhole Bay Terrebonne
East BendLA053Atchafalaya RiverTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedEast Bend Island Atchafalaya River Terrebonne
Flat LakeLA083RFlat LakeSt MartinAA5AT & WN5W/PFlat Lake Island in the Flat lake and Atchafalaya R. St. Martin Parish
Four LeagueLA071Four League BayTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedFour league Bay Terrebonne
FourchonLA037SGulf of MexicoLafourcheAA5AT/MAt the S end of Hwy 3090 (aka Rappelet Rd) S of Hwy 1; S of city of (Port) Fourchon.
FreemasonLA009Chandeleur SoundSt BernardNA089-Not yet qualifiedW. Of Chandeleur Island About 5 Miles
GheensLA042SICWWLafourcheAA5AT/ME. of Lockport La.
GoatLA063SWax Lake PassSt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PGoat Island, Wax Lake Pass, St. Mary
Grand GosierLA005Breton SoundPlaqueminesNA089-Not yet qualifiedS.E. Of New Orleans & N.E. Of Triumph
Grand IsleLA003SCaminada BayJeffersonNA168K2OLGS.E. Of Golden Meadow - At The End Of Rte 1
Grand TerreLA004SBarataria BayJeffersonNA168KB5KYO/PN.E. Of Grand Isle
GrassLA062Wax Lake PassSt Mary-Not yet qualifiedGrass Island, Wax Lake Pass, St. Mary
Half Moon / GrandLA101SLake BorgneSt BernardNA089K0AP/5, AD6D/5 & AB5EB/pEast of Fort Pike National Monument
Head Of IslandLA028RAmite RiverLivingstonWN5W/MN.E. of Gonzales
HebertLA079Little CarencroTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedHebert Island Little Carencro Terrebonne
HellholeLA073SHellhole BayTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PHellhole Island Hellhole Bay Terrebonne
HogLA017Lake BorgneSt Tammany-Not yet qualifiedS.W. Of Pearlington - E. Of The Fort Pike State Monument
HoneyLA051Atchafalaya RiverSt Mary-Not yet qualifiedHoney Island Atchafalaya River St. Mary
Intracoastal 1LA082RIntracoastal CanalSt MartinWN5W & AA5AT/PIntracoastal Island in the Intracoastal canal, St. Martin
Isle Au PitreLA110SChandeleur SoundSt. BerrnardNA089AB5EB >OPs
JohnsonLA102Fritchie MarshSt Tammany-Not yet qualified.
JonesLA024RManchac PassTangipahoaWN5W/MN.W. Of New Orleans - Us55 To Akera
LaroseLA043SICWWLafourcheAA5AT/MHwy 1 South of Lockport La.
LeevilleLA040RBayou LafourcheLafourcheAA5AT/MS.E. Of Houma - On Rte 1 To Leeville
Leopard PointLA067Wax LakeSt Mary-Not yet qualifiedLeopard Point Island Wax Lake - St. Mary
Little LongLA085RIntracoastal CanalSt MartinAA5AT & WN5W/PLittle Long isl in the Intracoastal canal, St. Martin
LittleLA091RAtchafalaya RiverSt MartinAA5AT & WN5W/PLittle isl in Atchafalaya River, St. Mary
LockportLA041RCompany CanalLafourcheAA5AT/ME. Of Houma - On Rte 1
LongLA077RBay Long/De CadeTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PLong Island - Bay Long/DeCade - Terrebonne
LongLA084RFlat LakeSt MartinWN5W & AA5AT/PLong isl in Flat lake, part of the Atachafalaya River St. Martin
Lost BayLA070SFour League BayTerrebonneWN5W & AA5AT/PBetween Lost Lake Pass and Bay Junop; E bank of Fiddlers Lake
LovellLA078Lovell BayouTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedLovell Island Lovell Bayou Terrebonne
MarshLA010SVermilion BayIberiaNA120AA5AT & WN5WS.W. Of Franklin - Has The Russel Sage State Refuge On It
Middle PassLA087RFlat LakeSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PMiddle Pass isl in Flat lake and Atchafalaya River, St. Mary
MiddleLA092RFlat LakeSt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PMiddle isl in Flat lake, Part of the Atchafalaya river, St. Mary
MonkeyLA022SICWWCameronAA5AT/MS.W. Of Lafayette - On Rte 82
Morgan City BeachLA030LLake PalourdeSt MaryWN5W/MMorgan City La.
MorganLA093RAtchafalaya RiverSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PMorgan isl in the Atchafalaya River, St. Mary
MosquitoLA068SFour League BayTerrebonneWN5W & AA5AT/PMosquito Island Four League Bay Terrebonne
North Old River StructureLA026RMississippi RiverConcordiaWN5W & AA5ATIn the Three Rivers Management Area
Pearl RiverLA099Lake BorgneSt Tammany-Not yet qualified.East of Fort Pike National Monument
PecanLA021RFalse RiverPointe CoupeeAA5AT/MS.E. Of Jarreau - Off Rte 413
PecanLA023RMermintau River / Clear LakeVermilionAA5AT/MS.W. Of Lafayette - On Rte 82
Pelican (see Note)LA074SGulf of MexicoTerrebonneWN5W & AA5AT/PSpecial note
Plumb PointLA058SAtchafalaya BayTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PPlumb Point Island Atchafalaya Bay Terrebonne
Point Au FerLA011SAtchafalaya BayTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5WS.W. OR HOUMA IN THE Atchagalaya Bay, LONG BOAT RIDE.
PrevostLA103LFritchie MarshSt TammanyN4LCC
RabbitLA015East Cote Blanch BSt Mary-Not yet qualifiedS.W. Of Pearlington - E. Of The Fort Pike State Monument
RabbitLA098LLake Borgne and ICWOrleansN4LCCEast of Fort Pike National Monument
RiceLA069LLost LakeTerrebonneAA5AT & WN5W/PRice Island Lost Lake Terrebonne
SableLA016Raccoon PassPlaquemines-Not yet qualifiedN.W. Of Triumph - 1/2 Mile From Raccoon Point
ScoutLA108RBayou MetairieOrleansK5VVin New Orleans City Park
ShellLA014West Karako BaySt Bernard-Not yet qualifiedBetween Chandeleur Island & The Mainland
ShellLA056RAtchafalaya RiverSt MaryAA5AT & WN5W/PShell Island Atchafalaya River St. Mary
ShellLA096LLake VerretAssumptionAA5AT/PIn lake verret assumption county off hwy.70 so. of Pierre Point
Shell PointLA055RAtchafalaya RiverSt MaryWN5W & AA5AT/PShell Point Island Atchafalaya River St. Mary
SolarLA086RFlat LakeSt MartinWN5W & AA5AT/PSolar isl in Flat lake and Atchafalaya River St. Martin
SouthLA097LKepler Creek LkBienvilleNM5RC/PLake 20 miles S of Arcadia; isl 0.5 miles NE of dam; most S'ly isl in lake
South Old River StructureLA027RMississippi RiverConcordiaAA5AT & WN5W/MIn the Three Rivers Management Area
Sword PointLA052Atchafalaya RiverTerrebonne-Not yet qualifiedSword Point Island Atchafalaya River Terrebonne
TimbalierLA002STerrebonne BayTerrebonneNA119N5FTR/PS.E. Of Houme - Due West Of Where Rte 3090 Ends
Toledo Bend NorthLA106Toledo Bend ReservoirSabine-Not yet qualifiedIn the South Toledo Bend State Park
Toledo Bend SouthLA107Toledo Bend ReservoirSabine-Not yet qualifiedIn the South Toledo Bend State Park
Trinity LA001SGulf of Mexico TerrebonneNA119K5MK/5Part of the Isle Dernieres Barrier Islands Wildlife Refuge
TurnbullLA025RMississippi RiverW. FelicianaWN5W & AA5ATIn the Three Rivers Management Area
VirginLA095RPierre BayAssumptionAA5AT/PIn Pierry Bay Assumption County on hwy.70 Pierre Point
WeeksLA029SICWWIberiaN5VWM/MSouth of New Iberia La.
WeemsLA104Fritchie MarshSt Tammany-Not yet qualified.


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