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Arsenal /
IL008RMississippi RiverRock Island K9FHX & KF9YL/MBetween Davenport Iowa & Moline Illinois - Off Us 67
Bay /
IL009RMississippi RiverAdams N1HRW/PW. Of Quincy - Can Be Accessed From Sunset Park
BlackhawkIL020RRock RiverWinnebago KF9YL/MS. Of Rockford - E. Of Rte2 & S. Of Us20, Rte2 To Belt Line
BlanchardIL054Mississippi RiverRock Island -Not yet qualifiedDown river from Muscatine, IA on pool 17
BlarneyIL036Fox LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedin Chain-O-Lakes State Park
Brandon LocksIL018RDes Plaines RiverWill WB9HIX/MDes Plaines River Will
BullIL011RWabash RiverWhite KQ4YI/9N. Of New Harmony, In.-Rte 66 Tp Cr 40 To Cr 70 Etc.
ButtermilkIL035LKincaid LakeJackson NM5RC/P1 mile W of marina; 0.4 mile E of Buttermilk Beach
Campbell'sIL006RMississippi RiverRock Island N1HRW/PBetween Davenport Iowa & Moline Illinois
ChillicotheIL041Goose LakeWoodford -Not yet qualifiedIn Goose Island on the Illinois River at Chillicothe IL
ChouteauIL003RMississippi RiverMadison N9WDQ/ME. Of St. Louis - Us 270 To Riverview To W. Chain Of Rocks Rd
ClarkIL060RFox RiverKaneW9F >OPsBatavia Park
Coon HollowIL042Illinois RiverTazewell -Not yet qualifiedClose to Banner, IL
CoopersIL040RIllinois RiverTazewell K9C >OPsJust N of the Pekin Bridge in Pekin IL
DevilsIL046LTower LakeLake W1OBsouth of Waconda IL, off of State route 59
DuckIL047Tower LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedsouth of Waconda IL, off of State route 59
ElmIL056Illinois RiverSchuyler -Not yet qualifiedeast of Browning, IL
FabyanIL032RFox RiverKane KG9LT/PFabyan Fox River Kane - Nearest town Geneva; in the Fox River
GabaretIL002RMississippi RiverMadison N9WDQ/ME. Of St. Louis - Just S. Of Chouteau Isl.
Gilligan'sIL057LHorton LakeHancock N9G >OPsin Navoo State Park, IL
GooseIL015RChicago River, N. BranchCook KF9YL/MIn Chicago - S. Of 64 On Us 90 Then East On W. Division St.
GrassIL037Fox LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedin Chain-O-Lakes State Park
Gregory ParkIL059RFox RiverKane K9G >OPsin Aurora IL off of Indian Trail
HakesIL034RRock RiverRock Island W9DXjust south of Vandruff Island, and just north of Milan, Il.
HaleIL051RMississippi RiverJo Daviess AD4OSDownstream from Dubuque IA
Horseshoe LakeIL024LHorseshoe LakeAlexander N9WDQ/MS. of Olive Branch, IL off Miller City Rd
HurdsIL012RFox RiverKane KF9YL/MIn Aurora - W. Of Rosewood St.
Island 228IL063Mississippi RiverJo Daviess-Not yet qualified
Island No. 1IL021RRock RiverWinnebago KF9YL/MIn The City Of Rockford On Us20
Island ParkIL022RKankakee RiverKankakee N1HRW/ME. Of Kankakee - In The City Of Momence
Island ParkIL029RKankakee RiverWill N9BBE/MAt Wilmington in the Kankakee River.
Isle A-La CacheIL016RDes Plaines RiverWill KF9YL/MBetween Romeoville & Romeo - On E. Romeo Rd.
KaskaskiaIL005RMississippi RiverRandolph KD9OT/PS. Of St. Louis About 50 Miles-Near Chester
Lawrence ParkIL038RRock RiverWhiteside K9L >OPsNW of Rock Falls
LeopoldIL044Illinois RiverLaSalle -Not yet qualifiedEast of IL045 and south of North Utica, IL
Margaret FullerIL043Rock RiverOgle -Not yet qualifiedClose to Oregon, IL
MacoupinIL058Illinois RiverGreene -Not yet qualifiedAcross the Illinois River from Hardin, IL.
MarinaIL026LFox LakeLake KF9YL/MFox Lake Lake Co.
MooseIL053RDes Plaines RiverWill W9U >OPsSouth of Channahon, IL.
MosentheinIL001RMississippi RiverMadison N9WDQ/MMosenthein Mississippi River Madison
North AuroraIL028RFox RiverKane WB9HIX/MNorth Aurora island at Rte 56,31, and 25.
NortherlyIL017LLake MichiganCook KF9YL/MDELETED - READ MORE
PeoriaIL052Peoria LakeTazewell -Not yet qualifiedPeroia Lake just north of the McGlugage Bridge
PlayIL048Tower LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedsouth of Waconda IL, off of State route 59
PlumIL045Illinois RiverLaSalle -Not yet qualifiedWest of IL044 and south of North Utica, IL
RestIL049Tower LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedsouth of Waconda IL, off of State route 59
RiversideIL025LFox LakeLake KF9YL/MN.W. Of Fox Lake City - Off Us12 To Riverside Island Drive
SangamonIL031RSangamon RiverMacon AA5AT/MNear Decatur IL., E. on Hwy. 105 to Sangamon Rd then N. to the river
SkinnerIL023RIllinois RiverGrundy KF9YL/MIllinois River Grundy
SnakeIL050Tower LakeLake -Not yet qualifiedsouth of Waconda IL, off of State route 59
South /
IL027RFox RiverKane KF9YL/MFox River, just south of Hurds Island (IL012R)
SpiersIL013RFox RiverKane KF9YL/MIn Aurora - E. Illinois St. Passes Over It
StolpIL014RFox RiverKane KF9YL/MIn Aurora - E. Galena St. Passes Over It
SylvanIL004RMississippi RiverRock Island W9DX/P 
ThomsonIL033RMississippi RiverCarroll W9T >OPsjust west of Thomson on Potter Road
VailsIL030RKankakee RiverKankakee AD4LX/MAbout 3 Miles East of Momence
VandruffIL007RRock RiverRock Island N1HRW/PS. Of Moline - S. Of Rte 5 & Off Us 87
WalkersIL019LHorseshoe LakeMadison N9WDQ/ME. Of St. Louis - Near Horseshoe Lake State Park
Walton Island Park NorthIL061Fox RiverCook / Kane-Not yet qualifiedNorth and south islands connected by a walkway
Walton Island Park SouthIL062RFox RiverCook / KaneW9F >OPsNorth and south islands connected by a walkway
WardIL010RMississippi RiverAdams N1HRW/PS.W. Of Quincy - Just S. Of Bay Island
WillowIL055RMississippi RiverRock Island AD4OS
Down river from Muscatine, IA on pool 17
WoodedIL039Jackson Park LagoonCook -Not yet qualifiedIn Chicago's Jackson Park close to Lake Michigan


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