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Ahu'olakaHI010Kaneohi BayHonoluluOC019-Not yet qualifiedN.E. Oahu - N.E. Of Ahuimanu City - About 1 Mile Off Shore
Ala Moana / Gilligan'sHI029SPacific OceanHonolulu KL7JR & WL7MYDELETED -
CoconutHI004SKaneohi BayHonoluluOC019WH6R/PN.E. Oahu - Near Kaneohe City - Close To Pohakea.
East Island F.F.S.HI019SFrench Frigit ShlsHonoluluOC055WH6BLQ/PDESTROYED -
FordHI022SPearl HarborHonoluluOC019KH6SPW. Of Honolulu - By The USS Arizona Memorial
Gardener PinnaclesHI007Hawaiian Isl NWRHonolulu -Not yet qualified25?00"01'N 167?55"00'W - Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
GreenHI016SKure GrpHonoluluOC020KH7/KH6JEBHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge & (Kure Grp)
HawaiiHI025SPacific OceanHawaiiOC019AH6ILargest Of The Hawaiian Islands-At The S.E. Tip Of The Chain
Ka'ulaHI002Kauai GrpKauaiOC019-Not yet qualifiedS.W. Of Niihau 14 Miles
Kaho'olaweHI026SMaui GrpMauiOC019WH6EEYS.W. Of Maui - About 5 Miles From Ulupalakua
Kaua'iHI003SKauai GrpKauaiOC019KH6/KG6JJHN.W. Of Oahu 45 Miles
Kure AtollHI030S
Pacific OceanHonoluluOC020K7KN.W. of Midway Island
Lana'iHI017SMaui GrpMauiOC019NM5RC/PW. Of Maui - About 9 Miles
LaulaunuiHI023Pearl HarborHonoluluOC019-Not yet qualifiedW. Of Ford Isl. - In The W. Loch Fishpond
LaysanHI012Hawaiian Isl NWRHonolulu -Not yet qualifiedHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
LisianskiHI013Hawaiian Isl NWRHonolulu -Not yet qualifiedHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
Manana / RabbitHI009Waimanalo BayHonoluluOC019-Not yet qualifiedS.E. Tip Of Oahu - Near Kaupo Beach Park
MauiHI018SMaui GrpMauiOC019KH6MDN.W. Of The Island Of Hawaii - About 25 Miles
Mokoli'i / Chinaman's HatHI024Kaneohe BayHonoluluOC019-Not yet qualifiedN.E. Of Oahu - N. Of Ahuimanu City - About 3 Miles
Moku-o-Lo'e / CoconutHI020SHilo BayHawaiiOC019KH6AFS/CIE. Side Of Hawaii Isl. - Near Hilo City - S. Part Of The Bay
Moloka'iHI015SMaui GrpMauiOC019KH6/W4BAAN.W. Of Maui - About 8 Miles
MolokiniHI027Alalalakeiki ChannMauiOC019-Not yet qualifiedBetween Maui And Kahoolewee
NeckerHI006Hawaiian Isl NWRHonolulu -Not yet qualifiedHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
Ni'ihauHI001Kauai GrpKauaiOC019-Not yet qualifiedW. Of Kauai 13 Miles
NihoaHI005Hawaiian Isl NWRHonolulu -Not yet qualifiedHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge
O'ahuHI008SPacific OceanHonoluluOC019KH6BZFCenter Island In The Hawaii Island Chain-Has Honolulu on it
SandHI014Kure GrpHonoluluOC020-Not yet qualifiedHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge & Kure Grp
SandHI021SMamala BayHonoluluOC019KH6WOS.W. Of Honolulu - At The End Of Rte 64
Tern Island F.F.S.HI028SFrench Frigit ShoalsHonoluluOC055KH6/N4BQWHawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge & French Frigit Shoals Group


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