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Google Map Islands: 18
   Qualified: 15
  Not Qualified: 2
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Big CedarDE004SRehoboth / Indian BaSussex K3CLG/PS. Of Lewes - On Delaware Rte 1 At The Indian River Inlet
Bombay HookDE006RDelaware RiverKent KA3UNQ/PE. of Smyrna on rte 6 to river
BurtonDE008RIndian RiverSussex KB3NZJ >OPsrte 9 at taylors bridge on Cedar Swan Rd. to River.
DelmarvaDE015SDelaware Bay & Atlantic OceanNew Castle, Kent, & Sussex WA3EOPSpecial note
DerbyDE011LDerby PondKent NM5RC/PPond 1 mile N of Woodside City; isl 0.2 miles W of ramp; most Wly isl
FenwickDE002SAtlantic OceanSussex N4VA/MIn both DE and MD
Fort DupontDE007RDelaware RiverNew Castle KA3UNQ/PN. of Dover take rte 13 to 72 to 9 out of De City To River
KellyDE017SDelaware BayKent AE3J/3 >OPsOn Delaware Bay at the mouth of the Mahon River. East of Dover DE
HenlopenDE005SDelaware CanalSussex N4VA/MS. of Wilmington Delaware Canal
MasseyDE014SRehobeth BaySussex W3TL >OPsAcross from state launch site at the end of Massey Landing Rd
MiddleDE016SIndian River BaySussex N3NAH >OPsIn the Big Ditch just southeast of Long Neck
Millsboro Pond #1DE012Millsboro PondSussex -Not yet qualifiedLoated just north of the city of Millsboro, DE
Millsboro Pond #2DE013Millsboro PondSussex -Not yet qualifiedLoated just north of the city of Millsboro, DE
Pea PatchDE003RDelaware RiverNew Castle KD3XNS. Of Wilmington - Just Above Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Plum BeachDE019SAtlantic OceanSussexWA3GMREAD MORE
ReedyDE001RDelaware RiverNew Castle WG3J >OPsS. Of Wilmington - Just Below Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
RehobothDE018SAtlantic OceanSussexK0BAKREAD MORE


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