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AlamedaCA015SSan Francisco BayAlamedaN6JV/MIn San Francisco Bay - The City Of Alameda Is On It
AlcatrazCA005SSan Francisco BaySan FranciscoW6LFJ/PIn San Francisco Bay Off Fisherman's Warf
AnacapaCA002SN.Channel Grp.VenturaNA144WC6DX/PIn the North Channel Islands, in Ventura County
AngelCA006SSan Francisco BayMarinN6JV/MIn San Francisco Bay Off The Town Of Tiburon
BaconCA045RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween Old Rv. & Middle Rv. & Connection Slough
BalboaCA063SNewport BayOrangeWC6DX/PBalboa; nearest town is Newport Beach. In Newport Bay
Battery PointCA077Pacific OceanDel Norte-Not yet qualifiedoffshore of Crescent City, CA. Home of the Battery Point Lighthouse
BethelCA017RSan Joaquin RiverContra CostaN6JV/MBetween Dutch & Sand Mound Slough & Franks Tract
BigCA049LLake BerryessaNapaN6JV/PBig Lake Berryessa Napa
BouldinCA027RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween Mokel And S. Mokel Rivers And Potato Sloughs
BradfordCA039RSan Joaquin RiverContra CostaN6JV/MBetween San Joaquin Rv. & False Rv. & Fishermans Cut
BradmoorCA081RNurse SloughSolanoKD6JUIsouthwest of Denverton
Brannan / AndrusCA023RSacramento RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween Three Mile & Seven Mile & Georgiana Sloughs
BrewerCA071SSan Francisco BaySan MateoKQ6XA/pmBetween Seal Slough & O'Neill Slough & Belmont Slough & San Francisco Bay.
BullCA084Napa River & Steamboat SloughNapa-Not yet qualifiedAcross from Cuttings Landing
Castle RockCA001SPacific OceanDel NorteNA184KK6EKW. Of Crescent City And S. Of Point St. George
ChainCA086Sacramento RiverSolano-Not yet qualifiedNear Collinsville, CA
CinnibalCA067REel RiverHumboldtN7PIB/POff hwy. 101 at loleta and west to island
Coast Guard / GovernmentCA048SSan Francisco BayAlamedaN6JV/MBetween The City Of Oakland And Alameda Island
Cock RobinCA066REel RiverHumboldtN7PIB/POff hwy. 101 at loleta and west to island
CrownCA057SSan Diego BaySan DiegoWB3CDX/MCrown Island is in San Diego Bay, Silver Strand State Beach
DabyCA088Humboldt BayHumboldt-Not yet qualifiedEast of Woodley Island
DavenportCA092SHuntington HarbourOrangeN6UTC
DavisCA070LLake DavisPlumasNM5RC/PLake 6 miles N of town of Portola; isl 1.7 miles NW of dam
Dead HorseCA030RMokelumne RiverSacramentoN6JV/MAlong The N. Mokel Rv. Near Walnut Creek
DeadmanCA082RSuisun SloughSolanoKD6JUIsouth of Suisun City
East BrotherCA069SSan Francisco BayContra CostaWC6DX/PIn San Francisco Bay; nearest town San Rafael/Richmond CA
EastCA056SSan Diego BaySan DiegoWB3CDX/MEast Island is in San Diego Bay
FiestaCA054SMission BaySan DiegoWB3CDX/MFiesta Isle is in Mission Bay
GilbertCA074SAnaheim BayOrangeWB7TSGHuntington Beach, CA on Anaheim Bay adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.
GoatCA080LLake BerryessaNapaKD6JUISouth of Big Island (CA049L)
GrandCA024RSacramento RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween Sacramento Riv. & Steamboat Sloughs
GrizzlyCA047SSan Francisco BaySolanoN6JV/MSan Francisco Bay, Salono County
HogCA073Tomales BayMarin-Not yet qualifiedwest of Nick's Cove, CA
IndianCA052LLake BerryessaNapaN6JV/PIndian Lake Berryessa Napa
IndianCA068SHumboldt BayHumboldtN7PIB/PCoastal hwy.101 & hwy. 255 to Indian Island; So. end of Humboldt Bay
JerseyCA038RSan Joaquin RiverContra CostaN6JV/MBetween San Joaquin Rv. & Taylor & Dutch Sloughs & Big Break
JoiceCA040SSan Francisco BaySolanoN6JV/MBetween Montezuma, SuisuN Cutoff Slus & Grizzly Bay In S.F.
KimballCA090San Joaquin RiverContra Costa-Not yet qualifiedAcross San Joaquin R. from Antioch, CA
KingCA032RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween White & Disappointment Sloughs-Bishop &Honker Cuts
Lido IsleCA061SNewport BayOrangeWC6DX/PLido Isle; nearest town is Long Beach. In Newport Bay
Lobos RocksCA003SPacific OceanSan FranciscoNA187KK6EK/P11 miles S of Monterey; 0.6 miles off shore at Garrapata State Park
LongCA091Sacramento RiverSacramento-Not yet qualified
MandevilleCA046RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween San JoaquiN Old Rv., Middle Rv. & Connection Slough
Mare / Island #1CA041SSan Francisco BaySolanoN6JV/MBetween Napa Rv. & Napa & Dutchman Slus & San Francisco Bay
MerrittCA026RSacramento RiverYoloN6JV/MBetween Sacramento Riv. & Elk Slough In S. Yolo County
Middle FarallonCA007SPacific OceanSan FranciscoNA178KK6EK30 Miles W. Of San Francisco Bay
MosleyCA065REel RiverHumboldtN7PIB/POff hwy. 101 at loleta and west to island
MontezumaCA085RSacramento RiverSolanoKD6JUI/MNear Collinsville, CA
NaplesCA060SSan Pedro BayLos AngelesWC6DX/PNaples; nearest town is Long Beach. In San Pedro Bay
North FarallonCA020Pacific OceanSan FranciscoNA178-Not yet qualified30 Miles W. Of San Francisco Bay
North JoiceCA083RMontezuma, Suisun, & Cat Sloughs, & Hunter CutoffSolanoKD6JUIJoice Island State Game Refuge. S of Suisun City
PaohaCA075Mono LakeMono-Not yet qualifiedoff of US 395 in the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area
Perry'sCA028RMokelumne RiverSacramentoN6JV/MIn Molkel Rv. Channel - 100 Yards S. Of Hwy 12 Bridge
Red BluffCA058RSacramento RiverTehamaAD4LX/MIn river at city of Red Bluff; I-5 & Hwy 36 interchange on isl
RedCA062LSalton SeaImperialWC6DX/P6 miles SW of city of Niland
RobertsCA035RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween San Joaquin Rv. & Middle Rv.
Rough / ReadyCA034RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween San Joaquin Rv.-Burns Cutoff In The Port Of Stockton
RyerCA033RSacramento RiverSolanoN6JV/MBetween Steamboat & Miner Sloughs & Sacramento Deep Water Ch
San ClementeCA008SS.Channel Grp.Los AngelesNA066N6LZ/PIn The South Channel Islands
San MiguelCA014SN.Channel Grp.Santa BarbaraNA144WC6DX/PIn The North Channel Islands, Santa Barbara County
San NicolasCA009S.Channel Grp.VenturaNA066-Not yet qualifiedIn The South Channel Islands
Santa BarbaraCA010SS.Channel Grp.Santa BarbaraNA066WC6DX/PIn South Channel Group, Santa Barbara County
Santa CatalinaCA016SS.Channel Grp.Los AngelesNA066NU2L/6In The South Channel Islands
Santa CruzCA012SN.Channel Grp.Santa BarbaraNA144N6AWD/PIn The North Channel Islands
Santa RosaCA011SN.Channel Grp.Santa BarbaraNA144WC6DX/PIn The North Channel Islands
SchoolhouseCA051LLake BerryessaNapaN6JV/PSchoolhouse Lake Berryessa Napa
ShermanCA021RSacramento RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween Sacramento Riv. & San Joaquin Riv. & Three mile Slough
SilverCA076LSilver LakeMonoN6OV >OPsin the June Lake Loop, SW of June Lake Junction on Rt. 158
SkaggsCA042SSan Francisco BaySonomaN6JV/MBetween Sonoma Creek, Napa, 2nd Napa & Hudeman Sloughs
SmallCA050LLake BerryessaNapaN6JV/PSmall Lake Berryessa Napa
Southeast FarallonCA018SPacific OceanSan FranciscoNA178K6VVA/6 >OPs30 Miles W. Of San Francisco Bay
St.George Reef/L.H.CA064SPacific OceanDel NorteNA184N6VV/PIn the Pacific OceaN off HY 101, west of Crescent City
StatenCA029RMokelumne RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween And S. Mokelumne Rivers
SutterCA025RSacramento RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween Sacramento Riv. & Steamboat & Sutter Sloughs
TerminalCA059SSan Pedro BayLos AngelesWC6DX/PTerminal; nearest town is Long Beach. In San Pedro Bay
TreasureCA013SSan Francisco BaySan FranciscoN6JV/MIn San Francisco Bay Between San Francisco & Oakland
TrinidadCA089SHuntington Beach HarborOrangeW6O >OPs
In Huntington Beach Harbor
TubbsCA043SSan Francisco BaySonomaN6JV/MBetween Sonoma Creek & Sears Point On Hwy 37
TuleCA072Clear LakeLake-Not yet qualifiedNear Nice Keeling Park
TwitchellCA022RSacramento RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween San Joaquin Riv. & Three Mile & Seven Mile Sloughs
TylerCA031RMokelumne RiverSacramentoN6JV/MBetween N. Mokel Rv. &Georgiana Slough
UnionCA036RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween Old Rv. & Middle Rv.
VacationCA055SMission BaySan DiegoWB3CDX/MVacation Island is in Mission Bay
Ventura RocksCA004SPacific OceanMontereyNA187KN6OUIn Pacific OceaN Monterey County
VictoriaCA037RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MBetween Old Rv. & Middle Rv. - Victoria & N. Victoria Canals
VulcanCA044RSan Joaquin RiverSan JoaquinN6JV/MOn San Joaquin Rv. 2 Mls From Rough & Ready Isl. Nr Stockton
WestCA087San Joaquin RiverContra Costa-Not yet qualifiedNear Antioch, CA
WhalerCA078Pacific OceanDel Norte-Not yet qualifiedlocated at the Crescent Harbor entrance
White RockCA053SPacific OceanSan Luis ObispoNA187N6JV/PIn San Luis Obispo Bay, 4 miles N of Pismo Beach, 1 mile from shore
WoodleyCA079SHumboldt BayHumboldtAB7XXlocated between Indian Island (CA068S) and Eureka CA on Rt. 255
Yerba BuenaCA019SSan Francisco BaySan FranciscoN6JV/MIn San Francisco Bay - Holds Up The Middle Of The Bay Bridge


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