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AssateagueVA024SAtlantic OceanAccomackNA139K20LG/MIn the Atlantic Ocean & in two States: MD001S & VA024S
BayVA036Cowpasture RiverAlleghany-Not yet qualifiedCowpasture River, Alleghany Co.
CrankVA021SChesapeake BayNorthumberlandKA3UNQ/MNote: renamed from Bayberry (2015/02/04).
BerkleyVA065RPiankatank RiverMiddlesexN4GHI >OPsupstreat from the Twigg Bridge (Rt. 3)
Belle IsleVA016RJames RiverChesterfieldAE4MK/PIn The City Of Richmond - Us1 Crosses Over It** No County **
BerrysVA028RShenandoah RiverClarkeK3USI >OPsShenandoah River Clarke Co. - Down stream from U.S. 50 bridge
Broad BayVA026RBroad BayVirginia BeachWB3CDX/PBroad Bay Island is in the city of Virginia Beach, Va.
BuggsVA040Lake GastonMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
ByrdVA027RShenandoah RiverClarkeK3USI >OPsShenandoah River Clarke Co - Down stream from U.S. 50 bridge
CedarVA063SAtlantic OceanAccomackK1MJMOn east shore of the DelMarVa Peninsula
ChincoteagueVA002SChincoteague BayAccomackNA083KA2PHQ/PS. Of Maryland - Rte 13 To The End Of Rte 175
Christmas TreeVA029LSmith Mountain LakFranklinW4CA/K1SOin Smith Mountain Lake
CobbVA052Atlantic OceanNorthamptonNA083-Not yet qualifiedSeperates Cobb Bay from the Atlantic Ocean
CoffeepotVA039Cowpasture RiverBath-Not yet qualifiedCowpasture River, Bath Co.
ConradVA064Occoquan RiverPrince WilliamNot yet qualifiedSpecial note

DaisyVA035RCowpasture RiverAlleghanyN4DLNCowpasture River, Alleghany Co.
DelmarvaVA061SChesapeake Bay & Atlantic OceanAccomack & NorthamptonW4WFF >OPsOn the Delmarva Peninsula, south of the Delaware-Chesapeake Canal. READ MORE
DuersonVA017LLake AnnaLouisaAE4MK/PE. Of Mineral - Sr 618 To Sr 700 To Sr 652 To Sr 690
Fall HillVA020RRappahannock RiverStaffordAE4MK/PNear the city of Fredricksburg
FarrarVA009RJames RiverChesterfieldWB3CDX/P K4CQYS. f Hatcher Island in theJames River
FicklenVA018RRappahannock RiverStaffordAE4MK/PIn Fredricksburg - W. Of Us-1 Where It Crosses The River
Fisherman'sVA003SChesapeake BayNorthamptonNA083WA3EOP/PChesapeake Bay Northampton
FleetsVA012SChesapeake BayLancasterW4JVNChesapeake Bay Lancaster
FoxVA060Chesapeake BayAccomack-Not yet qualifiedbetween Great Fox & Watts Island
GilligansVA042LKerr ReservoirMecklenburgK3USI >OPsRoanoke River
GoatVA023RRappahannock RiverKing GeorgeAE4MK/PNote
Special note
Great Neck Pt.VA025RLynnhaven RiverVirginia BeachWB3CDX/PGreat Neck Pt Island is in the city of Virginia Beach, Va.
GwynnVA010SChesapeake BayMathewsWB3CDXat the end of rte. 223
HatcherVA008RJames RiverChesterfieldWB3CDX/PN. of Farrar Island in the James River
HogVA053Atlantic OceanNorthamptonNA083-Not yet qualifiedSeperates Hog Island Bay from the Atlantic Ocean
Hog PenVA043LKerr ReservoirMecklenburgK3USI >OPRoanoke River
JamestownVA013RJames RiverJames CityKE4YVVBetween Williamsburg & Surry - Rte 31 To Colonial Parkway
JerdoneVA004LLake AnnaLouisaAE4MK/PN.W. Of Richmond - In Lake Anna
JettsVA071Lake AnnaSpotsylvania-Not yet qualified
Kellys FordVA030RRappahannock RiverFauquierK3USI >OPRappahannock Riv, St Rte.620 near Sumerduck
LaucksVA015RRappahannock RiverStaffordAE4MK/PN. Of Fredericksburg - At The Intersection Of Rte 1 & Rte 1
Liberty HillVA046Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
Little CobbVA054Atlantic OceanNorthampton-Not yet qualifiedOff the South tip of Cobb Island (VA052)
Little Hog PenVA044Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
LongVA059Staunton RiverCampbell-Not yet qualifiedOn Long Island Rd (Co. 761) off of Rt. 501, S. of Lynchburg
Marine CorpsVA033LLunga ReservoirStaffordK3USI >OPsLunga Reservoir, Stafford Co., Quantico MCB
MarshVA070RRappahannock RiverEssexK4I >OP
MayoVA022RJames RiverIn Richmond CityAE4MK/Mdowntown Richmond, 14th St.& Hwy 360
MelfaVA011SChesapeake BayAccomackWA4ACLMelfa Chesapeake Bay Accomack
MooneyVA067LLake MooneyStaffordK3USI >OPsSW of Berea, VA
New Point ComfortVA007SChesapeake BayMathewsK4LMobjack and Chesapeake Bays
NimrodVA038Cowpasture RiverBath-Not yet qualifiedCowpasture River, Bath Co.
North BendVA047Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
North Hog PenVA045Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
PaynesVA014RRappahannock RiverEssexAE4MK/PN. Of Tappahannock - Rte 17 To Sr 637 To The End Of Sr 661
Percival'sVA058RJames RiverAmherstNS4JESE of Lynchburg VA. Rte. 29 crosses the island.
PhillisVA048Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
Piney BranchVA032LNi River ReservoirSpotsylvaniaN4WDC >OPsNi River Reservoir, Spotsylvania Cty
RiverwoodVA037Cowpasture RiverAlleghany-Not yet qualifiedCowpasture River, Alleghany Co.
RobbinsVA049Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
RockwallVA050Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
Rocky RunVA069LLake MooneyStaffordK4I >OPsNW of Fredericksburg, VA Special note
RogueVA055Atlantic OceanNorthampton-Not yet qualifiedOff the South tip of Hog Island (VA053)
ScottsVA034RRappahannock RiverStaffordN4WDC >OPsStafford, Co. Rappahannock River
Sharks ToothVA066Potomac RiverWestmoreland-Not yet qualifiedSeperates Currioman Bay and Nomini Bay where Nomini Creek empties into the Potomac River
Ship ShoalVA056Atlantic OceanNorthampton-Not yet qualifiedSeperates South Bay from the Atlantic Ocean
SmithVA062Atlantic OceanNorthampton-Not yet qualifiedHome to Cape Charles Lighthouse.
South ThimbleVA019SChesapeake BayNorthamptonAD4LX/Msouthern man made islands on the Bay Bridge Tunnel.
Striper CityVA051Kerr ReservoirMecklenburg-Not yet qualifiedRoanoke River
TangierVA001SChesapeake BayAccomackNA083WA3NAN/4In Pocomoke Sound - Between Reedville & Onancock
TurkeyVA006James RiverChesterfield-Not yet qualifiedBetween Hopewell & Granville
WallopsVA005SAtlantic OceanAccomackKE3NDAtlantic Ocean Accomack
WattsVA068Chesapeake BayAccomackNA083-Not yet qualified
West TwinVA031LLake MoomawBathNM5RC/P2.4 miles NNW of Gathright Dam as bird flies
WreckVA057Atlantic OceanNorthamptonNA083-Not yet qualifiedBetween Cobb Island (VA052) and Ship Shoal (VA056)


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