US Islands Awards Program

25th Anniversary Award

USI is offering a special, 25th Anniversary award for both chasers and activators running from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

Chasers: Confirm 25 different islands during 2019, as a club or individual.

Activators: Activate or qualify 25 different islands, any combination of expeditions or home QTH. (see below) 

Activators, Expeditions: Qualify or activate a total of 25 different islands in any combination.  A minimum of 15 QSOs must be made for both a new island qualification and an island activation to be considered for this award. This can be issued to a club call, (multiple members under one call) or individual.

Activators, home island QTH: Operate your home or club island QTH 25 times with the following requirements:
1.) For each activation, operate for a minimum of 1 hour and make the minimum 15 QSOs.
2.) Notify using the calendar form so your activation can be posted to the calendar and Facebook group.
3.) Call CQ US Islands and hand out the USI number.
Like chasers and expeditions, this award is issued to a single club or personal call sign.

March 5, 2019 edits to the rules: 
25 “different” islands are required for chasers and expedition activations. 
Duplicate activations before March 5, 2019 will be allowed for the expedition activation award.
Minimum operating time for each home QTH activation was lowered from two hours to one hour.

Award cost TBD. Approximate cost:
Certificate  ~ $5.00 includes postage
Covered, mounted certificate  $30 plus postage
Plaque ~ $60 plus postage

PayPal, “family and friends”,

Under our honor system, send the Award Manager, NS4J a list of confirmed or activated islands. The list should include, Name, Call, address, email, USI number, island name, date worked or activated, Call used or worked.

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