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NP3RE thru WX3I

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NP3RE thru WX3I

Every effort has been made to make the data shown for the Islands listed as accurate as we can make it.
If you find an error, please let us know. Report any errors to the Qualifications Manager.

NP3RE >OPs Cayo Cabuzaso PR074S Caribbean Sea Santa Isabel NA099 2014/11/09
NP3RE >OPs Cayo Mata La Gata PR082S Caribbean Sea Guayanilla   2016/02/14
NP3RE >OPs Cayo Matias PR083S Caribbean Sea Salinas NA083 2016/04/24
NP3RE Isla Cardona PR032S Caribbean Sea Ponce   2014/12/30
NP4B >OPs Caja de Muertos
aka Coffin
PR001S Caribbean Sea Ponce NA099 2009/12/29
NS4J  as AE4MK Belle Isle NC037L Lake Norman Mecklenburg   18-Aug-99
            as AE4MK Belle Isle VA016R James River Chesterfield   21-Sep-96
            as AE4MK Benbow TX029L Lake Mcqueeny Guadalupe   02-May-00
            as K3USI with WB0AOD Berrys VA028R Shenandoah River Clarke   21-Jul-02
            as AE4MK Blennerhassett NC036R French Broad Riv. Madison   16-Aug-99
            as K3USI with WB0AOD Byrd VA027R Shenandoah River Clarke   21-Jul-02
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Cayuga NY031R Niagara River Niagara   25-Jul-00
            as AE4MK Duerson VA017L Lake Anna Louisa   01-Feb-97
            as AE4MK Fall Hill VA020R Rappahannock River Stafford   01-Sep-97
            as AE4MK Ficklen VA018R Rappahannock River Stafford   05-May-97
            as AE4MK Gibraltar MI048R Detroit River Wayne   24-Jun-96
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Gilligans VA042L Kerr Reservoir Mecklenburg   21-Apr-07
            as AE4MK Goat VA023R Rappahannock River King George   03-Aug-99
            as AE4MK Grosse Ile MI005R Detroit River Wayne   24-Jun-96
            as AE4MK Heritage DC005R Anacostia River     29-Aug-96
            as AE4MK Hickory MI003R Detroit River Wayne   24-Jun-96
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Hog Pen VA043L Kerr Reservoir Mecklenburg   21-Apr-07
            as AE4MK Jerdone VA004L Lake Anna Louisa   18-Aug-96
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Kellys Ford VA030R Rappahannock River Fauquier   16-Jul-01
            as AE4MK Kingman DC004R Anacostia River     05-Jul-96
            as AE4MK Laucks VA015R Rappahannock River Stafford   21-Aug-96
            as AE4MK Little Heater MD026R Potomac River Frederick   01-Aug-99
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Marine Corps VA033L Lunga Reservoir Stafford   09-Nov-06
            as AE4MK Mayos VA022R James River In Richmond City   15-Aug-98
            as AE4MK Melbourne Causeway East FL447S ICWW / Indian River Brevard   18-Mar-98
            as AE4MK Melbourne Causeway West FL446S ICWW / Indian River Brevard   18-Mar-98
            as AE4MK Meso MI047R Detroit River Wayne   24-Jun-96
            as AE4MK Paton MD025R Potomac River Frederick   01-Aug-99
            as AE4MK Paynes VA014R Rappahannock River Essex   21-Jul-96
            as NS4J Percival’s VA058R James River Amherst   25-Apr-11
            as AE4MK Pineda Causeway West FL448S ICWW / Indian River Brevard   19-Mar-98
            as K3USI (AE4MK) South NY037L Como L. Erie   31-Jul-02
            as NS4J Unity (renamed from Squaw on 2015/07/06.) NY032R Niagara River Erie   27-Nov-10
            as AE4MK Sunward AZ018R Salt River Maricopa   16-Jul-98
            as AE4MK Theodore Roosevelt DC003R Georgetown Channel     08-Jun-96
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Threemile NY035R Erie Canal Erie   25-Jul-00
            as K3USI (AE4MK) Tonawanda NY030R Niagara River Niagara   25-Jul-00
NS8O Buffington WV010R Ohio River Jackson    
  Gallipolis WV009R Ohio River Mason    
  Lake Cumberland #1 KY006L Cumberland L. Russell    
  Lake Cumberland #2 KY007L Cumberland L. Russell    
  Lake Cumberland #3 KY008L Cumberland L. Russell    
  Lake Cumberland #4 KY009L Cumberland L. Wayne    
  Manchester #1 KY004R Ohio River Lewis    
  Manchester #2 KY005R Ohio River Lewis    
  Mustapha WV003R Ohio River Wood    
  Rhodes OH014R Jackson L. Jackson    
NS8O &
NC8V &
Big OH042L Senecaville L. Noble    
  Little OH043L Senecaville L. Guernsey    
  North Twin OH040L Senecaville L. Noble    
  South Twin OH041L Senecaville L. Noble    
NT1I Martha’s Vineyard MA005S Nantucket Sound Dukes NA046  
NT7Y Antelope UT001L Great Salt Lake Davis    
NU2L Bailey ME022S Casco Bay Cumberland NA137  
  Santa Catalina CA016S S.Channel Grp. Los Angeles NA066  
  Sheffield CT008S Sheffield Isl Harb Fairfield NA136  
W0GAF Alden MN101L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2016/07/03
  Big Sky MN037L Lake Namakan St Louis   2014/08/30
  Blunt MN039L Lake Kabetogama St Louis   2016/07/04
  Big Sky MN037L Lake Namakan St Louis   2014/08/30
  Bivo MN038L Lake Namakan St Louis   2015/05/24
  Boblore MN040L Lake Namakan St Louis   2014/09/01
  Cemetery MN017L Namakan Lake St Louis   2011/07/08
  Filla MN034R Ash River St Louis   2012/09/02
  Foote MN031R Ash River St Louis   2012/09/03
  Fox MN018L Namakan Lake St Louis   2011/08/13
  Freedom MN041L Lake Kabetogama St Louis   2014/09/24
  Gagnon MN102L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/07/18
  Green MN042L Lake Kabetogama St Louis   2014/0923
  Hamilton MN043L Lake Namakan St Louis   2013/09/02
  Jug MN044L Lake Namakan St Louis   2014/05/25
  Kubel MN019L Namakan Lake St Louis   2011/07/08
  Larkin MN045L Lake Kabetogama St Louis   2014/09/22
            as KD0GAF McManus MN020L Namakan Lake St Louis   2010/08/02
  Mica MN104L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/08/14
            as KD0GAF Namakan MN021L Namakan Lake St Louis   2010/07/03
  Nokomis MN032R Ash River St Louis   2013/07/06
  Postage MN046L Lake Namakan St Louis   2013/08/31
                >OPs Prescott MN115R Mississippi River Dakota   2015/08/09
  Sexton MN048L Lake Namakan St Louis   2014/05/26
  Sheen MN105L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/07/17
  Snake MN106L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2016/07/05
  Stevens MN029L Namakan Lake St Louis   2012/07/12
  Strawberry MN107L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/07/04
  Sweetnose MN035L Kabetogama Lake St Louis   2012/08/08
  Twin Alligator MN108L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/07/05
  Wigwam MN109L Namakan Lake St. Louis   2015/09/07
  Williams MN030L Namakan Lake St Louis   2012/07/12
  Wolf MN036L Kabetogama Lake St Louis   2013/07/04
  Wolf Pack East MN022L Namakan Lake St Louis   2011/08/14
  Wolf Pack North MN023L Namakan Lake St Louis   2011/09/07
            as KD0GAF Wolf Pack West MN024L Namakan Lake St Louis   2010/07/10
  Yoder MN049L Lake Kabetogama St Louis   2014/09/25
  Ziski MN033R Ash River St Louis   2013/07/05
W0NEO Gilligan’s AR016L Bull Shoals Lake Marion   2014/09/21
W0OJY >OPs Goat SD004R Missouri River Yankton   2015/08/29
W0WDF Dulin’s IA009R Cedar River Benton   2013/08/10
W1AQ >OPs Spar RI021R Mount Hope Bay Bristol   2015/08/30
W1AMF Isle Of Springs ME088R Sheepscoat River Lincoln    
W1ASB Great Captain CT034S Long Island Sound Fairfield   2015/06/07
  Shea /
CT005S Sheffield Isl Harb Fairfield NA136 2011/??/??
W1AUS Little Gasparilla FL125S Gulf of Mexico Charlotte   2006/09/04
W1BWS Sucia WA046S Strait Of Georgia San Juan NA065  
W1BXY Outer CT031S Long Island Sound New Haven   2015/05/09
W1DEC Juniper VT013L Lake Champlain Chittenden    
  Rock Dunder VT014L Lake Champlain Chittenden    
  Schuyler NY041L Lake Champlain Essex    
  Sled Runner VT018L Lake Champlain Chittenden    
  Valcour NY042L Lake Champlain Clinton    
W1DEO Sturdivant ME089S Atlantic Ocean Cumberland    
W1GLO >OPs Ten Pound MA044S Gloucester Harbor Essex   2015/05/09
W1IM Bowman NH015L Squam L. Grafton    
W1L Little Comfort RI013S Point Judith Pnd Washington    
W1MGP North Haven ME039S Penobscot Bay Knox NA055  
(K1OA & K1NU)
Peaks ME090S Atlantic Ocean Cumberland    
W1NRG >OPs Fireworks CT037R Quinnipiac River New Haven   2016/08/27
W1NRG >OPs North Farms CT035L North Farms Reservoir New Haven   2015/08/29
W1RPC Deer Isle ME014S Penobscot Bay Hancock    
W1S >OPs Seguin ME104S Atlantic Ocean Sagadahoc NA137 2012/08/31
W1SA Knight VT015L Lake Champlain Grand Isle    
  Woods VT017L Lake Champlain Franklin    
W1SYE >OPs Cornelius RI026S Narraganset Bay Washington   2016/07/23
W1SYE >OPs Cranberry RI022R Providence River Providence   2016/04/06
W1SYE >OPs Despair RI020S Narragansett Bay Newport   2015/08/01
W1SYE >OPs Dutch RI017S Narragansett Bay Newport NA031 2014/08/31
W1SYE >OPs Dyer RI019S Narragansett Bay Newport   2015/07/25
W1SYE >OPs Fox RI025S Narragansett Bay Washington   2016/07/16
W1SYE >OPs Gardner RI016S Point Judith Pond Washington   2016/08/20
W1SYE >OPs Gooseberry MA056S Buzzards Bay Bristol   2015/11/30
W1SYE >OPs Gooseberry RI002S Narragansett Bay Newport NA-031 2016/08/07
W1SYE >OPs Hog RI023S Narragansett Bay Newport NA031 2016/06/18
W1SYE >OPs Hope RI018S Narragansett Bay Newport NA031 2014/07/26
W1SYE >OPs Patience RI024S Narragansett Bay New Port NA031 2016/07/02
W1SYE >OPs Rabbit RI027S Narraganset Bay Washington   2016/07/24
W1SYE >OPs Rock RI010R Providence River Kent   2015/05/09
W1SYE >OPs Rose RI004S Narragansett Bay Newport NA031 2012/09/27
W1SYE >OPs Spectacle RI028S Island Park Cove, Narragansett Bay Newport   2016/09/03
W1UM Cuttyhunk MA020S Vineyard Sound Dukes NA046 2007/06/15
W1Y >OPs Bear NH017L Lake Winnipesaukee Belknap   2008/09/07
W2CE Ocean County Barrier NJ008S Atlantic Ocean Ocean    
W2CE &
Chadwick Beach NJ018S Barnegat Bay Ocean    
W2CXN >OPs Governors NY012S Upper Bay New York NA026 2012/08/22
W2FXA Siesta Key FL098S Gulf Of Mexico Sarasota    
W2GLQ Ellis NJ036R Upr New York Bay Hudson    
  Ellis NY036S Upr New York Bay New York    
W2OW >OPs Hiawatha NY055R Susquehanna River Tioga   2015/07/25
W2PE >OPs Motor /
NY049R Niagara River Erie   2016/08/06
W2SEX >OPs Beaver NY045R Niagara River Erie   2009/08/22
W2SO >OPs North NY044L Como Lake Erie   2011/09/18
W3B >OPs St Clements MD028R Potomac River St Mary’s   2007/10/13
W3KH Assateague MD001S Atlantic Ocean Worcester NA139  
  Avalon NJ015S Atlantic Ocean Cape May    
W3KO Pleasure TX002L Sabine L. Jefferson    
W3PGA >OPs Hart Miller MD015S Chesapeake Bay Baltimore   2006/09/20
W3RFA >OPs South Marsh MD009S Chesapeake Bay Somerset NA140 2007/07/28
W3TL >OPs Massey DE014S Rehobeth Bay Sussex   2012/10/06
W3UWH Moose ME033S Atlantic Ocean Washington NA055  
W3YN Kent MD004S Chesapeake Bay Queen Annes NA140  
W4/DL3MIB Beaver FL458S Gulf of Mexico Monroe    
W4/F5IDM Anclote FL172S Gulf of Mexico Pinellas NA034 2006/09/19
W4/GU0ALD Pine FL033S Pine Island Snd Lee NA069  
W4BWZ >OPs Fort Sumter SC046S Charleston Harbor Charleston   2007/04/18
W4BWZ Pine SC045S Atlantic Ocean Colleton   2007/01/15
W4CA &
Christmas Tree VA029L Smith Mountain L. Franklin    
W4CE Smith /
Bald Head
NC003S Long Bay Brunswick NA112  
W4CN >OPs Twelve Mile /
KY027R Ohio River Jefferson   2016/08/07
W4DFU Seahorse Key FL466S Gulf of Mexico Levy NA076  
W4DXA>OPs Gold Mine NC055L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/11/18
>OPs Island N-21 NC059L Lake Norman Lincoln   2017/04/14
>OPs Island N-23 NC060L Lake Norman Lincoln   2017/04/14
>OPs Island N-61 NC052L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/06/02
>OPs Island N-62 NC053L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/06/02
>OPs Island N-65 NC056L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/11/18
>OPs Island N-68 NC057L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/09/30
OP: W3ZL Kiser NC058L Lake Norman Catawba   2016/12/31
>OPs Long NC054L Lake Norman Iredell   2016/09/30
W4H >OPs Graveyard TN047L Dale Hollow Lake Clay   2014/11/02
W4I (NE4S) Powers GA026R Chattahoochee Riv Fulton    
W4JVN Fleets VA012S Chesapeake Bay Lancaster    
W4LKR Rock TN061L J. Percy Priest Lake Rutherford   2015/09/05
W2MN Bartell TX074S Aransas Bay Aransas   2015/05/09
W2NTN >OPs Washburn MA054S Waquoit Bay /
Eel Pond
Barnstable   2015/06/28
W4NIM Ragged Key #3 FL323S Atlantic Ocean Dade    
W4OT Wabasso FL038S Intracoastal WW Indian River    
W4USI Andrews GA020R Oglethorpe Bay Glynn    
W4WFF >OPs Delmarva VA061S Chesapeake Bay & Atlantic Ocean Accomack & Northampton Counties   2015/05/24
W4WIJ Santa Rosa FL003S Gulf of Mexico Santa Rosa / Okaloosa / Escambia NA142  
W4YBV >OPs Big Grassy (Pepperfish Keys) FL492S Gulf of Mexico Dixie NA076 2014/05/13
W4YBV Dark FL513S Gulf of Mexico Taylor   2015/08/29
W4YBV >OPs Little Grassy (Pepperfish Keys) FL493S Gulf of Mexico Dixie NA076 2014/05/13
W4YBV >OPs Little Turkey FL497R Suwannee River Levy   2014/11/23
W4YBV Middle GA058R Suwannee River Charlton   2015/05/19
W4YBV >OPs Turkey FL496R Suwannee River Levy   2014/11/23
W4YBV >OPs West Grassy (Pepperfish Keys) FL494S Gulf of Mexico Dixie   2014/05/13
W5BCS >OPs Deer TX057L Somerville Lake Washington   2006/05/17
W5BCS >OPs Rock TX056L Somerville Lake Washington   2006/05/17
W5BCS >OPs Snake TX055L Somerville Lake Burleson   2006/05/17
W5C >OPs Bolivar Peninsula TX063S Galveston Bay Galveston & Harris   2011/10/24
W5BOS Tillamook Rock OR059S Pacific Ocean Clatsop NA211  
AL0/W5BOS Unavikshak AK193S Pacific Ocean Lake and Peninsula NA238 2006/08/27
AL5/W5BOS Summit AK140S Bristol Bay 3rd S. Central    
KH8/W5BOS Swains AS005S Pacific Ocean   OC200 1994/09/22
KH8/W5BOS Ta’u AS006S Pacific Ocean Manu’a OC077 1993/10/08
NL0/W5BOS Ugaiushak AK192S Pacific Ocean Lake and Peninsula NA237 2006/08/27
W5G >OPs Greer TX058L Lake Worth Tarrant   2007/07/12
W5IJU Amelia FL032S Atlantic Ocean Nassau NA138  
  Blakely AL006S Mobile Bay Baldwin    
  Blount FL396R St. Johns River Duval    
  Little Piney FL397S Intracoastal WW Duval    
  McDuffie AL005S Mobile Bay Mobile    
  Pinto AL004S Mobile Bay Mobile    
W5P >OPs Pelican TX050L Eagle Mountain Lake Tarrant   2007/08/25
W5PC >OPs Campbell TX059R Brazos River Parker   2010/05/27
W5TLH San Jose TX005S Gulf Of Mexico Refugio NA092 2006/09/05
W5USM Holiday Pine TX023L Holiday Pine L. Wood    
W5VK Big AL026R Mobile Bay Baldwin   2010/05/05
  Chacaloochee AL040S Mobile Bay Mobile   2012/10/29
  Noriegas FL482R Escambia Bay Santa Rosa   2010/06/25
  Oyster AL038R Shelbank River Baldwin   2012/09/29
  Shelbank AL039R Shelbank River/Mobile Bay Baldwin   2012/05/05
W5VK >OPs Robinson AL033S Perdido Bay Baldwin   2010/04/18
  Gilchrist AL035S Perdido Bay Baldwin   2010/04/18
Little Diomede AK024S Bering Sea 2nd N. Western NA150  
  Sledge AK097S Bering Strait 2nd N. Western NA210  
W6IPX/KL7 Stuart AK026S Norton Sound 2nd N. Western NA214  
W6LFJ Alcatraz CA005S San Francisco Bay San Francisco    
W7/VE7KRC Patos WA047S Boundary Pass San Juan NA065  
W7DB Butler ID013R Snake River Jefferson    
  Stansbury UT012L Great Salt L. Tooele    
Doe WA181S Rosario Strait San Juan NA065  
W7PAQ Melita MT014L Flathead Lake Lake   2009/08/19
W7PE Long WA088S Willapa Bay Pacific    
Hope WA178S Puget Sound Mason    
W7UW Crane WA185S San Juan Channel San Juan NA065  
W7W Waadah WA180S Neah Bay Clallam NA169  
W7WLL Chiefs (Lighthouse) OR069S Pacific Ocean Coos    
W8BAD Power MI046L West Arm Grand Traverse Bay Grand Traverse    
W8CJQ Maple MI066L Maple L. Van Buren    
W8ILH Kiawah SC016S Atlantic Ocean Charleston    
W8IYI Great Chebeaque ME025S Casco Bay Cumberland    
W8LBZ Gibraltar OH002L Lake Erie Ottawa    
  Middle Bass OH004L Lake Erie Ottawa    
W8OTC >OPs Round MI085R Detroit River Wayne   2015/10/02
W8OTC >OPs Sisters MI094R River Raisin Monroe   2015/09/26
W8PSP Copper MI096L Lake Superior Houghton and Keweenaw   2016/08/04
W8QYT Grape MI059L Lake Huron Chippewa    
W8TTS South Bass OH007L Lake Erie Ottawa    
W9DC Ocean Isle Beach NC011S Long Bay Brunswick    
W9DK >OPs The Flats WI046R Fox River Outagamie   2009/10/17
W9DX Hakes IL034R Rock River Rock Island    
  Sylvan IL004R Mississippi River Rock Island    
W9I >OPs Ernie Pyle IN008L Cagle’s Mill Lake Owen   2012/08/04
W9MVB Jekyll GA006S St Simons Sound Glynn NA058  
W9MVP Phantasy WI021L Fisher L. Iron    
W9PVR >OPs Coumbe WI049R Wisconsin River Grant   2012/10/20
W9PVR >OPs Long (East) WI050R Wisconsin River Iowa   2014/09/27
W9PVR >OPs Long (West) WI051R Wisconsin River Iowa   2013/09/22
W9U >OPs Moose IL053 Des Plaines River Will   2016/05/29
W9W >OPs St. Feriole WI048R Mississippi River Crawford   2011/10/23
WA0DX >OPs Turkey IA010R Des Moines River Wapello   2014/05/31
WA1CFS Castle MA033S Pleasant Bay Suffolk    
WA2UEC Little Gull NY006S Block Island Sound Suffolk NA026  
WA2UQG Tortoise FL523R Banana River Brevard   2015/08/09
WA2WZX Grand NY001R Niagara River Niagara    
WA3EOP Delmarva DE015S Delaware Bay & Atlantic Ocean New Castle, Kent, & Sussex   2011/10/05
  Fisherman’s VA003S Chesapeake Bay Northampton NA083  
  Pee Wee PA003L Raystown L. Huntingdon    
WA3NAN Tangier VA001S Chesapeake Bay Accomack NA083  
WA3VKL Merritt FL043S Intracoastal WW Brevard    
WA4ACL Melfa VA011S Chesapeake Bay Accomack    
WA4DAN Clark FL011S Cedar Keys Grp Levy NA076  
WA4ERU Mon AL001S Mobile Bay Mobile    
WA4IIF Innerarity FL480S Perdido Bay Escambia   2009/10/18
WA4JA Barton Hill TN030L Normandy L. Coffee    
  Bussell TN020R Tennessee River Loudon    
  Dallas TN026L Chickamauga L. Hamilton    
  Fate Sanders Marina TN032L J. Percy Priest Lake Rutherford    
  Goose Pond AL037R Tennessee River Jackson   2011/10/24
  Great TN027R Tennessee River Monroe    
  Gulf Shores and Orange Beach AL023S various Baldwin   2007/08/01
  Harbour TN021L Old Hickory L. Wilson    
  Lock 4 TN034R Cumberland River / Old Hickory L. Sumner    
  Perdido Key AL024S Gulf of Mexico Baldwin   2009/03/31
  Pleasant Grove TN029L Dale Hollow L. Clay    
  Real AL019L Lake Martin Elmore    
  Riverwalk Marina AL018R Tennessee River Limestone    
  Skull TN023L Chickamauga L. Hamilton    
  Spring Creek TN056R Tennessee River Perry   2011/06/26
WA4USN Morris Is. Lghthse SC032S Atlantic Ocean Charleston    
WA7YKE Heron CO008L Chatfield Res. Douglas    
Half Moon TN019L Tennessee River Roane    
Island Park IN010R St Joseph River St Joseph   2012/10/04
WB0TVP Cedar NE001R Platte River Sarpy    
WB1ASL Star NH001S Isle Of Shoals Grp Rockingham NA148  
WB1BVQ Alamanda FL198S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Allison FL170S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Arvida FL444S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Atlantic Islands Grp FL371S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Bahama FL441S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Bahia Shores FL435S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Bay Point FL398S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Bay Point FL436S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Bell CT024S Sheffield Isl Harb Fairfield    
  Belle /
Lady Isle
NH014R Piscataqua River Rockingham    
  Belle Isle FL173S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Belle Meade FL362S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Biscayne Point FL164S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Biscayne FL178S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Brickell Key /
FL194S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Candlewood CT022L Lake Candlewood Fairfield    
  Canfield CT018S Atlantic Ocean Fairfield    
  Cape Florida FL468S Biscayne Bay / Key Largo Dade    
  Center FL369S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Channel Cay FL418S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Chappaquiddick MA004S Nantucket Sound Dukes    
  Coco Plum FL432S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Collins FL192S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Contentment CT023S Sheffield Isl Harb Fairfield   2006/05/05
  Cove CT026S Atlantic Ocean Fairfield    
  Cove FL442S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Crispen GA013R Turtle River Glynn    
  Cypress FL455S Intracoastal WW W. Palm Beach    
  Di Lido FL175S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Doctors Point FL434S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Dodge FL193S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Ensenada Isle FL423S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Fairy NY023L Lake Mahopac Putnam    
  Fishers NY002S Block Island Snd Suffolk NA026  
  Flamingo Isle FL424S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Golden Isles FL183S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Gorham CT019R Saugatuck River Fairfield    
  Grove Key /
Fair Island
FL195S ICWW / Indian River Dade    
  Harbor Isle NY033S Long Island Nassau    
  Hibiscus FL181S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Hibiscus FL395S Golden Isle Group Broward    
  Hutchinson GA022R Savanna River Chatham    
  Idabelle FL452R St. Lucie River St. Lucie    
  Key Colony Beach FL433S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Keystone FL185S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Knollwood FL469S Biscayne Bay / Key Largo Dade    
  La Gorce FL171S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Largo Sound FL420S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Lemon Bay see FL130S Gulf of Mexico Charlotte    
  Little Crispen GA012R Turtle River Glynn    
  Lloyd Park FL431S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Long Point FL412S Indian River Brevard    
  Marina FL453R St. Lucie River St. Lucie    
  Miami Beach FL163S Atlantic Ocean Dade    
  Nash /
East Pratt
CT020S Atlantic Ocean Fairfield    
  Normandy Isle FL166S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  North Bay – NOTE: same as FL168S FL169S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  North FL399S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Ocean Reef FL419S Card Sound Monroe    
  Oleander FL462S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Palm FL180S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Palm FL463S Golden Isle Group Broward    
  Paradise FL443S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Park View FL165S ICWW / Indian River Dade    
  Pigeon Key FL437S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Poinciana FL372S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Poinciana FL457S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Pratt #1
/West Pratt
CT021S Atlantic Ocean Fairfield    
  Riomar FL413R ICWW / Indian River St. Lucie    
  Rivo Alto FL174S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  San Marco FL177S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  San Marino FL176S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Snapper Point FL416S Card Sound Monroe    
  Somerset FL456R Loxahatchee River Martin    
  South FL370S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Spanish Harbor Key FL425S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Star FL179S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Sunrise Isle FL422S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Sunset Cay FL417S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Sunset Island #1 FL188S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Sunset Island #2 FL189S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Sunset Island #3 FL190S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Sunset Island #4 FL191S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Sunset FL197S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Tamarina FL122S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Three Islands FL182S Intracoastal WW Broward    
  Treasure FL467S Florida Keys Monroe    
  Tropic Isle FL400S Intracoastal WW Palm Beach    
  Turnberry Isl FL278S Intracoastal WW Dade    
  Twomile CT025R Housatonic River Fairfield Del 3/08/15  
  Valois FL440S Intracoastal WW Monroe    
  Wylly GA021R Herb River Chatham    
  Yellow Tail FL421S Florida Keys Monroe    
WB2EJZ Liberty NJ023R Hudson River Hudson    
WB2OHN Fork NY034L Lake George Warren    
WB2ZIQ City NY014S Long Island Snd Bronx    
WB3CDX Broad Bay VA026R Broad Bay Virginia Beach    
  Captree NY017S Great South Bay Suffolk NA026  
  Crown CA057S San Diego Bay San Diego    
  Deal MD014S Tangier Sound Somerset    
  East CA056S San Diego Bay San Diego    
  Fiesta CA054S Mission Bay San Diego    
  Great Neck Pt. VA025R Lynnhaven River Atlantic Beach    
  Gwynn VA010S Chesapeake Bay Mathews NA083  
  Hatcher VA008R James River Chesterfield    
  Jones Beach NY018S South Oyster Bay Nassau NA026  
  Jones NY019S South Oyster Bay Nassau NA026  
  Long Beach (Tucker) NJ001S Atlantic Ocean Ocean NA111  
  Long Beach NY021S Atlantic Ocean Nassau NA026  
  Meadow NY020S South Oyster Bay Nassau NA026  
  Pelican NJ014S Silver Bay Ocean    
  Shelter NY005S Gardiners Bay Suffolk NA026  
  St. George MD006R Potomac River St Mary    
  Vacation CA055S Mission Bay San Diego    
  West Point NJ013S Silver Bay Ocean    
Farrar VA009R James River Chesterfield    
WB4ILC Ono AL003S Bayou Saint John Baldwin    
  Perdido Key FL339S Gulf of Mexico Escambia    
WB4SRH Middle Hooper MD016S Chesapeake Bay Dorchester NA140  
  Ocracoke NC001S Raleigh Bay Hyde NA067  
WB4WTY Folly SC015S Atlantic Ocean Charleston    
WB5WAJ Hole In The Wall TN035L J. Percy Priest Lake Davidson   2006/09/15
  Pig TN022L J. Percy Priest Davidson    
WB5WAJ >OPs Bear TN043L J. Percy Priest Lake Davidson   2007/10/28
WB5WAJ >OPs Ponderosa TN055L J. Percy Priest Lake Davidson   2009/10/18
WB7TSG Gilbert CA074S Anaheim Bay Orange   2000/12/31
WB8IZM Drummond MI017L Lk Huron Chippewa    
WB9EEE Big Banana WI028L Crystal L. Sawyer    
  Black Bear WI029L Chief L. Sawyer    
  Picnic WI030L Chief L. Sawyer    
WB9HIX Brandon Locks IL018R Des Plaines River Will    
  Hamm IA004R Mississippi River Dubuque    
  Island Park IN003R Wabash River Posey    
  North Aurora IL028R Fox River Kane    
  Rip Rap OH013R Great Miami River Montgomery    
WC5C >OPs Goat TX060L Lake Worth Tarrant   2009/08/19
WC5C >OPs Goat TX062L Caddo Lake Marion   2010/03/23
WC5C >OPs Willow TX061L Lake Worth Tarrant   2009/09/05
WC6DX Anacapa CA002S N.Channel Grp. Ventura NA144  
  Balboa CA063S Newport Bay Orange    
  East Brother CA069S San Francisco Bay Contra Costa    
  Lido Isle CA061S Newport Bay Orange    
  Naples CA060S San Pedro Bay Los Angeles    
  Red CA062L Salton Sea Imperial    
  San Miguel CA014S N.Channel Grp. Santa Barbara NA144  
  Santa Barbara CA010S S.Channel Grp. Santa Barbara NA066  
  Santa Rosa CA011S N.Channel Grp. Santa Barbara NA144  
  Terminal CA059S San Pedro Bay Los Angeles    
WD4MSM Leeper IN009R St. Joseph River St. Joseph   2012/07/30
  Monkey IN005R St. Joseph River St. Joseph    
WF1N Appledore ME034S Isle Of Shoals Grp York NA217  
  Deer CT016L Bantam L. Litchfield    
  Pot CT017S Atlantic Ocean New Haven NA136  
WG3J >OPs Reedy DE001R Delaware River New Castle   2009/11/15
WH6BLQ East Island F.F.S. HI019S French Frigit Shls Honolulu OC055  
KH8/WH6BLQ Rose Atoll AS004S Pacific Ocean   OC190 1993/11/06
WH6EEY Kaho‘olawe HI026S Maui Grp Maui OC019 2014/09/17
WH6JP Warren ID019L Lake Pend Oreille Bonner   2007/08/09
WH6R Coconut HI004S Kaneohi Bay Honolulu OC019  
WL7CUE Alonis AK153L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
  Bird AK150L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
  Burston AK151L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
  Long AK154L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
  Saddleback AK152L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
  Shepherd’s AK149L Big L. 3rd S. Central    
WL7EM (SK) Afognak AK124S Shelikof Strait 3rd S. Central NA019 2001/04/06
WL7MA Perry AK164S Prince William Snd 3rd S. Central    
WN4HOG Norman NC031L Lake Norman Mecklenburg    
WN5W Amite River #5 LA044R Amite River Ascension    
  Amite River #6 LA045R Amite River Ascension    
  Black Prince LA032R Bayou Gauche River St James    
  Head Of Island LA028R Amite River Livingston    
  Jones LA024R Manchac Pass Tangipahoa    
  Morgan City Beach LA030L Lake Palourde St Mary    
WN5W &
American LA094R American Pass Riv St Martin    
  Amite River #2 LA034R Amite River Livingston    
  Amite River #4 LA036R Amite River Ascension    
  Cote Blanche LA046S Intracoastal WW St. Mary    
  Croesus LA088R Flat L. St Mary    
  Deer LA057R Atchafalaya River Terrebonne    
  Delta Campground LA059S Atchafalaya Bay St. Mary    
  Dog LA090R Flat L. St Martin    
  Eagle LA072L Lost L. Terrebonne    
  Goat LA063S Wax Lake Pass St. Mary    
  Intracoastal 1 LA082R Intracoastal Canal St Martin    
  Long LA084R Flat L. St Martin    
  Lost Bay LA070S Fourleague Bay Terrebonne    
  Middle LA092R Flat L. St Mary    
  Mosquito LA068S Fourleague Bay Terrebonne    
  North Old River Structure LA026R Mississippi River Concordia    
  Pelican LA074S Gulf of Mexico Terrebonne    
  Shell Point LA055R Atchafalaya River St. Mary    
  Solar LA086R Flat L. St Martin    
  Turnbull LA025R Mississippi River W. Feliciana    
WP3GW >OPs San Juan Antiguo PR013S Atlantic Ocean San Juan   2008/05/13
WP4I >OPs Cayo Afuera
aka Cayo Real
PR047S Atlantic Ocean Vieques   2013/09/26
 WP4I >OPs Cayo de Tierra PR048S Atlantic Ocean Vieques   2013/10/03
WP4I >OPs Cayo Santiago PR029S Caribbean Sea Humacao   2017/02/18
WP4I >OPs Culebrita PR003S Atlantic Ocean Culebra NA099 2014/08/17
WP4OHW >OPs Cayo Batata PR079S Caribbean Sea Humacao   2015/07/24
WP4Q >OPs Cayo Maria Langa PR021S Caribbean Sea Guayanilla   2016/08/27
WP4Q >OPs Isla Matei PR041S Caribbean Sea Lajas NA099 2014/12/13
WP4U Mona PR004S Mona Passage Mayaguez NA099 2003/07/24
WQ4RP Core Banks, South NC033S Core Sound Pamlico    
  Portsmouth NC009S Pamlico Sound Carteret NA067  
WR5P >OPs Deer AR018L Beaver Lake Benton    
WS1E Southporth ME087S Atlantic Coast Lincoln    
WS1SM >OPs Wood ME103S Atlantic Ocean York NA137 2012/08/19
WS4S/4 >OPs Davies TN062L Center Hill Lake DeKalb   2015/09/19
WT8E Newberry WV002R Ohio River Wood    
WU4I Boyd TN025R Holston River / Ft. Loudoun L. Knox    
  Galbraith TN031L Norris L. Anderson    
  Looney TN024R Tennessee River Knox    
WW1R Hupper /Hooper ME040S Port Clyde Harbor Knox NA137  
WW8W &
Harbor MI076R Grand River Ottawa    
  Marina /
MI079R St. Joseph River Berrien    
  Park MI087R Grand River Eaton   2006/10/22
  Second MI077R Grand River Eaton    
WX3I/P Chandeleur LA006S Chandeleur Snd St Bernard NA089  
  Comfort LA018S Morgan Harbor Pass St Bernard