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Updates from 2016/01/01 to current

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2017/08/19 Rhode Island Added RI0031 for KA1ZOU
2017/08/18 Washington Added WA200 for W7JKC
2017/08/01 Maine Qualified ME029S for KB1FRW
2017/07/26 New York Added NY069 for AB2NM
2017/07/26 New York Added NY068 for K2JVX
2017/07/25 Indiana Added IN012 for K9RBH
2017/07/24 Rhode Island Qualified RI029S for W1SYE
2017/07/23 Oregon Qualified OR071R for W7RAG
2017/07/21 Virginia Added VA969 for NS4J
2017/07/21 Rhode Island Added RI029 & RI030 for KA1ZOU
2017/07/13 Illinois Added IL059 for WD9FMB
2017/07/13 Maine Qualified ME105L for KQ2RP/1
2017/07/10 North Carolina Added NC063 for K4OBX
2017/07/07 Oregon Added OR071 for KG7YJA
2017/07/05 Minnesota Qualified  MN120L and MN124L forW0GAF
2017/07/05 Illinois Qualified IL033R for W9T
2017/07/04 Wisconsin Quaified WI064L for W9I
2017/07/04 Massachusetts Added MA057 thru MA061 for KA1ZOU
2017/06/28 Maryland Qualified MD032R for K3USI
2017/06/19 Tennessee Qualified TN065 for NF4GA
2017/06/15 South Carolina Added SC065 thru SC070 for KM4WMS
2017/06/13 Tennessee  Added TN065 for K4YJJ  
2017/06/05 Michigan Qualified MI042R for W1EJ
2017/05/29 New Jersey Qualified NJ038R for ND3E
2017/05/26 Florida Added TN064 for KE4YMX
2017/05/22 Tennessee Added TN064 for N3SAM  
2017/05/22 Virginia  Added VA068 for AE3J
2017/05/22 Georgia Added GA063 for KM4GS  
2017/05/20 Washington Qualified WA198R & WA199R for K7IOC
2017/05/17 Washington Added WA198 & WA199 for K7IOC
2017/05/13 Alabama Qualified AL043R for K4I
2017/05/10 California Added CA084 for KD6JUI
2017/05/08 Maryland Added MD048 for NS4J
2017/04/14 North Carolina Qualified NC059L & HB050L for W4DXA
2017/04/01 Georgia Qualified GA038R for K4WP
2017/03/29 North Carolina Added NC059 thru NC062 for W3OA
2017/03/29 California Added CA083 for KD6JUI  
2017/03/22 Ohio Added OH068 for KC8TCQ
2017/03/21 Alabama Added AL044 thru AL050 for N4YCI
2017/03/17 Ohio Added OH067 for N8DAW
2017/03/10 Florida Added FL495S, FL514S, FL526S, FL534R & FL535R for NF4GA  
2017/02/28 Georgia Added GA062 for KK4OSG
2017/02/27 Florida Added FL536 for WX4TV  
2017/02/27 California Qualified CA081R for KD6JUI
2017/02/23 New Jersey Added NJ039 for K2QU  
2017/02/15 Florida Added FL534 & FL535 for W4YBV
2017/01/23 Florida Added FL531, FL532 & FL533 for KP4RV  
2017/01/23 Wisconsin Added WI065 for KD9FM  
2017/01/20 Florida Added FL530 for KK4UGD
2017/01/16 California Qualified CA082R for KD6JUI
2017/01/10 New Hampshire Added NH033 for W3ATB
2017/01/04 Maine Added ME114 for KQ2RP
2017/01/03 New Hampshire Added NH032 for W3ATB  
2016/12/31 North Carolina Qualified NC058L for W4DXA  
2016/12/30 North Carolina Added NC058 for W3OA  
2016/12/05 Washington Deleted WA036
2016/12/04 California Added CA081 & CA082 for KD6JUI
2016/12/03 Colorado Deleted CO015
2016/12/01 California Qualified CA080L for KD6JUI
2016/11/29 Florida Qualified FL491R & NC056L for NA4RR
2016/11/18 North Carolina Qualified NC055L & NC056L for W4DXA
2016/11/17 California Added CA080 for KD6JUI
2016/11/11 Alabama Added AL043 for KB2F
2016/10/30 Alabama Qualified AL042L for N4EJW
2016/10/23 Florida Added FL529 for KE4YMX
2016/10/20 Wisconsin Added WI064 for AC9HP
2016/10/11 Oklahoma Added OK027 for W5WTC
2016/10/11 Washington Qualified WA187S for N0AX
2016/10/02 Illinois Added IL058 for WD9FMB
2016/09/30 North Carolina Qualified NC054L & NC057L for W4DXA
2016/09/25 Wisconsin Qualified WI060L for KD9FM
2016/09/05 Puerto Rico Qualified PR021S for WP4Q
2016/09/05 Rhode Island Qualified RI028S for W1SYE
2016/09/01 Rhode Island Added RI028 for KA1ZOU
2016/08/28 Virginia Qualified VA063S for K1MJM
2016/08/28 Ohio Qualified OH060L for N8SUZ
2016/08/28 Maine Qualified ME109S for N1QLL
2016/08/28 Florida Qualified FL528S for N4SVC
2016/08/28 North Carolina Added NC054, NC055, NC056 & NC057 for W3OA
2016/08/28 Maryland Qualified MD033R & MD046R for K3USI
2016/08/27 Connecticut Qualified CT037R for W1NRG
2016/08/27 Maine Qualified ME098S for KK4YW
2016/08/23 Rhode Island Removed RI015 from Deleted status for KA1ZOU
2016/08/22 Alabama Added AL042 for N4EJW
2016/08/22 Rhode Island Qualified RI016S for W1SYE
2016/08/22 Washington Qualified WA196R & WA197R for K7IOC
2016/08/16 South Dakota Added SD005 for AD0P
2016/08/14 Illinois Qualified IL057L for N9G
2016/08/12 Virginia Added VA067 for NS4J
2016/08/11 Washington Added WA196 & WA197 for K7IOC
2016/08/08 Rhode Island Qualified RI002S for W1SYE
2016/08/07 New York Qualified NY049R for W2PE
2016/08/07 Kentucky Qualified KY027R for W4CN
2016/08/04 Michigan Qualified MI096L for W8PSP
2016/08/03 Michigan Added MI096 for W8PSP
2016/07/31 Illinois Added IL057 for WD9FMB
2016/07/25 Wisconsin Added WI063 for AC9HP
2016/07/23 Rhode Island Qualified RI027S for W1SYE
2016/07/24 Ohio Qualified OH058L, OH061L & OH065L for N8SUZ
2016/07/23 Rhode Island Qualified RI026S for W1SYE
2016/07/18 Rhode Island Qualified RI025S for W1SYE
2016/07/17 Rhode Island Added RI025 & RI026 for K1GEA
2016/07/15 Alaska Added AK214 thru AK217 for AG7EZ
2016/07/15 Alaska Added AK211, AK212 & AK213 for AG7EZ
2016/07/14 Rhode Island Deleted RI009
2016/07/13 Maryland Added MD046 & MD047 for NS4J
2016/07/10 Connecticut Added CT037 for N1GNV
2016/07/07 Minnesota Added MN119 thru MN125 for W0GAF
2016/07/07 Minnesota Qualified MN039L, MN106L & MN101L for W0GAF
2016/07/05 Rhode Island Qualified RI024S for W1SYE
2016/06/30 Rhode Island Added RI025 for KA1ZOU
2016/06/30 Ohio Added OH060 thru OH066 for N8SUZ
2016/06/20 Rhode Island Qualified RI023S for W1SYE
2016/06/13 Rhode Island Added RI023 & RI024 for KA1ZOU
2016/06/12 Minnesota Added MN118 for KC0JQO
2016/06/12 Puerto Rico Qualified PR061S for KP3RE
2016/06/10 Florida Added FL528 for N0TW
2016/06/03 U.S. Virgin Islands Qualified VI008S for KC5CW/KP2
2016/06/03 Massachusetts Qualified MA010S for K1T
2016/06/02 North Carolina Qualified NC052L & NC053L for W4DXA
2016/05/30 Illinois Added IL056 for WD9FMB
2016/05/30 Illinois Qualified IL053R for W9U
2016/05/23 New Hampshire Added NH029, NH030, & NH031 for W3ATB
2016/05/21 US Virgin Islands Added VI008 for
2016/05/16 Florida Qualified FL527S for K4YHB
2016/05/11 Minnesota Qualified MN052L for N0BKZ
2016/05/10 Illinois Added IL054 & IL055 for AD4OS
2016/04/29 Kentucky Added KY028 for KV4DX
2016/04/29 Florida Qualified FL525S for NF4GA
2016/04/29 Florida Qualified FL518S for N4SEC
2016/04/28 Puerto Rico Added PR087 for NP3RE
2016/04/25 Puerto Rico Qualified PR083S for NP3RE
2016/04/07 North Carolina Added NC052 & NC053 for W3OA
2016/04/06 Rhode Island Qualified RI022R for W1SYE
2016/03/28 Texas Added TX081 for N5TOL
2016/03/20 Rhode Island Added RI022 for KC1ARO
2016/02/25 Kentucky Added KY027 for W4CN
2016/02/21 Florida Added FL527 for W9KB
2016/02/15 Puerto Rico Qualified PR082S for NP3RE
2016/01/27 Illinois Added IL053 for WD9FMB
2016/01/23 Puerto Rico Added PR086 for KP4RV
2016/01/18 Puerto Rico Added PR083, PR084 & PR085 for NP3RE
2016/01/17 Puerto Rico Added PR082 for NP3RE