US Islands Awards Program

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Updates from 2006/05/05 to 2015/12/31

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Last updated: May 18, 2017 @ 4:10 pm
2015/12/20 California Added CA077, CA078 & CA079 for KO6FE
2015/12/16 Wisconsin Added WI062 for KD9FM
2015/12/10 Maryland Added MD044 & MD045 for AB2NM
2015/12/07 Georgia Added GA061 for W4YBV
2015/12/07 Florida Added FL525 & FL526 for W4YBV
2015/11/30 Massachusetts Qualified MA056S for W1SYE
2015/11/24 Alaska Qualified AK043S for KL7NWR
2015/11/24 Mississippi Qualified MS011S for W5XMD
2015/11/19 Massachusetts Added MA056 for W1SYE
2015/11/16 Puerto Rico Qualified PR081S for KP3RE
2015/11/16 Puerto Rico Qualified PR016S for KP4CPC
2015/10/30 Washington Qualified WA195S for K7IOC
2015/10/28 Washington Added WA195 for K7IOC
2015/10/28 Maryland Added MD043 for WA3SWJ
2015/10/05 South Carolina Added SC064 for W4DFG
2015/10/03 Michigan Qualified MI085R for W8OTC
2015/09/29 Michigan Qualified MI094R for W8OTC
2015/09/27 Puerto Rico Added PR081 for KP4RV
2015/09/26 Pennsylvania Qualified PA049R for K3QY
2015/09/25 Massachusetts Added MA055 for W1HGY
2015/09/22 California Qualified CA076L for N6OV
2015/09/22 Ohio Qualified OH057L for N8SUZ
2015/09/21 Tennessee Qualified TN062L for WS4S/4
2015/09/20 Puerto Rico Deleted PR034
2015/09/20 Connecticut Qualified CT036R for W1SYE
2015/09/20 Puerto Rico Qualified PR050S for KP3RE
2015/09/17 South Carolina Added SC063 for W4DFG
2015/09/15 Rhode Inland Added & Qualified RI021R for W1AQ
2015/09/14 North Carolina Added NC050 & NC051
2015/09/14 Florida Added FL524 for N4PSK
2015/09/11 New York Added NY065, NY066, & NY067 for WA2NGX
2015/09/11 Maine Added ME113 for NM5RC
2015/09/10 Tennessee Added TN063 for W4LKR
2015/09/10 Puerto Rico Qualified PR080S for KP3RE
2015/09/09 Wisconsin Qualified WI061R for AD4OS
2015/09/09 Minnesota Qualified MN109L for W0GAF
2015/09/09 Tennesse Qualified TN061L for W4LKR
2015/09/07 Mississippi Added MS011 for W5XMD
2015/09/07 Puerto Rico Qualified PR077S for KP4CPC
2015/09/07 New York Added NY064 for WA2NGX
2015/09/03 Michigan Qualified MI095L for N8VI
2015/09/02 South Dakota Qualified SD004R for W0OJY
2015/08/31 Connecticut Qualified CT035L for W1NRG
2015/08/31 Virginia Qualified VA065R for N4GHI
2015/08/30 Puerto Rico Qualified PR014S for KP3RE
2015/08/30 Michigan Added MI095 for N8VI
2015/08/30 Maryland Qualified MD040R for K3USI
2015/08/30 Arkansas Qualified AR018L for WR5P
2015/08/30 Ohio Added OH059 for W8KVK
2015/08/30 Florida Qualified FL522S for N4SVC
2015/08/30 Florida Qualified FL513S for W4YBV
2015/08/27 Wisconsin Added WI061 for AD4OS
2015/08/25 Wisconsin Qualified WI043L for KC9GBX
2015/08/25 New York Renamed NY032R
2015/08/22 Wisconsin Added WI060 for KD9FM
2015/08/22 Pennsylvania Added PA049 for KD7QOT
2015/08/22 Connecticut Qualified CT001S for KM1R
2015/08/18 Connecticut Added CT036 for KC1ARO
2015/08/18 Connecticut Added CT035 for W1NRG
2015/08/18 Ohio Added OH057 & OH058 for N8SUZ
2015/08/17 Minnesota Qualified MN104 for W0GAF
2015/08/17 Maine Qualified ME097S for N1QLL
2015/08/12 Minnesota Added MN117 for KF0AK
2015/08/10 Minnesota Qualified MN115R for W0GAF
2015/08/09 Florida Added & Qualified FL523R for WA2UQG
2015/08/07 Maine Added ME110, ME111, & ME112 for K1CMF
2015/08/07 South Carolina Added & Qualified SC062S for AF4OX
2015/08/06 Rhode Island Qualified RI020S for W1SYE
2015/08/07 Florida Added FL522 for N0TW
2015/08/06 Puerto Rico Added PR080 for KP4RV
2015/08/04 Minnesota Added MN114, MN115 & MN116 for W0GAF
2015/08/03 Maine Deleted ME106
2015/07/31 New York Qualified NY055R for W2OW
2015/07/29 Rhode Island Qualified RI019S for W1SYE
2015/07/27 Wisconsin Qualified WI002L for KD9FM/P
2015/07/26 Puerto Rico Qualified PR079S for WP4OHW
2015/07/23 Minnesota Added MN110, MN111, MN112, & MN113 for KF0AK
2015/07/23 Virginia Added VA066 for KA3OCS
2015/07/23 Georgia Added GA060 for K4EPH
2015/07/22 California Added CA075 & CA076 for N6OV
2015/07/21 Rhode Island Added RI020 for W1SYE
2015/07/20 Minnesota Qualified MN102L and MN105L for W0GAF
2015/07/19 Virginia Added VA065 for N4GHI
2015/07/18 Maine Added ME109 for N1QLL
2015/07/17 Maine Added ME108 for N1QLL
2015/07/16 New York Added NY063 for W4DCS
2015/07/15 Virginia Added VA064 for NS4J
2015/07/13 Maine Added ME106 & ME107 for KQ2RP
2015/07/10 New York Added NY060, NY061, & NY062 for AB2NM
2015/07/10 Alabama Added AL041 for KK4AUP
2015/07/10 Georgia Qualified GA042L for N4STG
2015/07/09 Maryland Added MD040, MD041 & MD042 for NS4J
2015/07/09 Minnesota Qualified MN107L and MN108L for W0GAF
2015/07/06 Maine Added ME105 for KQ2RP
2015/07/04 Texas Added TX079 & TX080 for KG6MDU
2015/07/04 Colorado Added CO015 & CO016 for KG6MDU
2015/07/02 Colorado Added CO013 & CO014 for KG6MDU
2015/06/28 Massachusetts Qualified MA054S for W2NTN
2015/06/17 Minnesota Added MN101 thru MN109 for W0GAF
2015/06/16 Connecticut Qualified CT034S for W1ASB
2015/05/28 Wisconsin Qualified WI056R for AD4OS
2015/06/08 New Hampshire Added NH028 for N1IMW
2015/06/05 Rhode Island Added RI019 for K1JSM
2015/06/04 Connecticut Added CT034 for W1ASB
2015/05/28 Minnesota Qualified MN038L for W0GAF
2015/05/27 Tennessee Added TN062 for WS4S
2015/05/26 Missouri Qualified MO012L for KM0R
2015/05/24 Virginia Qualified VA061S for W4WFF
2015/05/24 Pennsylvania Qualified PA048L for KB3GUZ
2015/05/21 New York Added NY058 & NY059 for K2JJI
2015/05/20 Minnesota Deleted MN058 and MN062W9EJN
2015/05/20 New York Added NY057 for W9EJN
2015/05/19 Puerto Rico Added PR079 for WP4OHW
2015/05/17 Connecticut Added CT033 for K2JF
2015/05/17 Massachusetts Added MA054 for W2NTN
2015/05/12 Texas Qualified TX074S for W2MN
2015/05/12 Georgia Qualified GA058R for W4YBV
2015/05/12 New York Added & Qualified NY056R for KD2ETP
2015/05/12 Georgia Qualified GA041L for N4STG
2015/05/11 Alabama Qualified AL036L for K4YWE
2015/05/11 Minnesota Qualified MN100R for AE0EE
2015/05/11 Massachusetts Qualified MA044S for W1GLO
2015/05/11 New Hampshire Added NH027 for N1IMW
2015/05/11 Virginia Qualified VA034R for N4WDC
2015/05/10 Pennsylvania Qualified PA047L for K3USI
2015/05/10 Connecticut Qualified CT031S for W1BXY
2015/05/10 Illinois Qualified IL038R for K9L
2015/05/09 Rhode Island Qualified RI010R for W1SYE
2015/05/09 Arkansas Qualified AR011L for KJ4BIX
2015/05/09 Minnesota Added MN100 for AE0EE
2015/05/09 Texas Added TX078 for W5CYF
2015/05/09 Minnesota Added MN053 thru MN099 for K0HB
2015/05/07 New Jersey Added NJ038 for AE3J
2015/05/07 Alaska Qualified AK206S for NL8F
2015/05/07 Michigan Added MI094 for KD8VHE
2015/05/06 Wisconsin Added WI059 for KC9IWE
2015/05/04 Tennessee Added TN061 for W4LKR
2015/05/04 Idaho Added ID020 for WY7ET
2015/05/04 North Carolina Added NC049 for K4QPL
2015/05/04 Texas Added TX077 for WR5O
2015/05/04 New York Added NY055 for KD2CMB
2015/05/03 Louisiana Qualified LA109R for K5VV
2015/05/03 Wisconsin Added WI058 for K0RGI
2015/04/30 Louisiana Added LA109 for K5VV
2015/04/28 Puerto Rico Added PR078 for KP4RV
2015/04/27 Puerto Rico Qualified PR030S for KP4ES
2015/04/27 Louisiana Qualified LA108 for K5VV
2015/04/25 Arkansas Added AR018 for K5KVN
2015/04/24 Louisiana Added LA108 for K5VV
2015/04/24 Wisconsin Added WI056, & WI057 for K9ZW
2015/04/23 Pennsylvania Added PA048 for KB3GUZ
2015/04/21 Iowa Added IA013 for KD0CRT
2015/04/21 Massachusetts Added MA053 for W1GLO
2015/04/19 Delaware Qualified DE017S for AE3J/3
2015/04/19 Iowa Added IA012 for W0BNW
2015/04/17 Delaware Added DE017 for AE3J
2015/04/16 Connecticut Deleted CT015R, CT016L, CT019R, CT020S, CT024S & CT026S
2015/04/16 Connecticut Added CT032 for KX9X
2015/04/14 Wisconsin Added WI053, WI054, & WI055 for AD4OS
2015/04/09 Hawaii Deleted HI029S
2015/04/01 Florida Qualified FL520S & FL521S for K4USI
2015/03/31 Massachusetts Qualified MA035S for N1L
2015/03/29 Puerto Rico Qualified PR036S for KP4OSP
2015/03/26 Florida Added FL520 & FL521 for NE4S
2015/03/23 Texas Added TX076 for K5MGJ
2015/03/22 Florida Qualified FL519S for KX9X
2015/03/21 Florida Added FL519 for KX9X
2015/03/12 Connecticut Added CT031 for W1BXY
2015/03/11 Oregon Added OR070 for K7ZX
2015/03/10 Ohio Added OH056 for N8GU
2015/03/08 Connecticut Deleted CT025R
2015/03/06 Georgia Added GA059 for KK4YLX
2015/03/06 Georgia Added GA059 for KK4YLX
2015/03/04 Texas Added TX075 for NC5G
2015/03/03 Georgia Qualified GA007S for K4L (W4BTI)
2015/03/03 Florida Qualified FL478S for KF4VTT
2015/02/24 Massachusetts Added MA052 for KB1CMP
2015/02/25 Illinois Added IL052 for WD9FMB
2015/02/24 Massachusetts Added MA051 for
2015/02/24 New Hampshire Added NH026 for WB1CFY
2015/02/24 Texas Added TX074 for W2MN
2015/02/22 Wisconsin Added WI052 for K0RGI
2015/02/21 New Hampshire Added NH024 and NH025 for N1FJ
2015/02/20 Massachusetts Added MA046 thru MA050 for N1FJ
2015/02/20 Massachusetts Added MA045 for KB1PFL
2015/01/16 Pennsylvania Deleted PA015R
2015/02/09 Alaska Qualified AK124S for WL7EM (SK)
2015/01/13 Minnesota Added MN052 for N0BKZ
2015/01/11 California Added & Qualified CA074S for WB7TSG
2015/01/05 Florida Added FL510 thru FL518 for W4YBV
2015/01/05 Georgia Added GA056, GA057, and GA058 for W4YBV
2015/01/04 Florida Deleted FL440S & FL441S
2014/12/26 Puerto Rico Added PR076 & PR077 for KP4RV
2014/12/13 Puerto Rico Qualified PR041S for WP4Q
2014/12/04 Florida Added FL509 for KX9X
2014/12/02 Puerto Rico Qualified PR032S for NP3RE
2014/11/26 Florida Qualified FL496R & FL497R for W4YBV
2014/11/25 Wisconsin Qualified WI050R for W9VPR
2014/11/16 Arkansas Added AR017 for W5WLX
2014/11/11 Puerto Rico Qualified PR073S for KP4RV
2014/11/11 Puerto Rico Qualified PR074S for NP3RE
2014/11/07 Tennessee Qualified TN047L for W4H
2014/10/20 Illinois Qualified IL051R for AD4OS
2014/10/20 Iowa Qualified IA011R for AD4OS
2014/10/13 Puerto Rico Added PR073, PR074, & PR075 for KP4CPC
2014/10/04 Puerto Rico Qualified PR043S for KP4CPC
2014/10/03 Massachusetts Deleted MA021.
2014/09/30 Illinois Added IL051 for AD4OS
2014/09/30 Iowa Added IA011 for AD4OS
2014/09/26 Minnesota Qualified MN041L, MN042, MN045L, & MN049L for W0GAF
2014/09/24 Virgin Islands Added VI006 & VI007 for KP2XX
2014/09/21 Arkansas Qualified AR016L for W0NEO
2014/09/18 Hawaii Qualified HI026S for WH6EEY
2014/09/16 Florida Added FL498 thru FL508 for KX9X
2014/09/16 Kentucky Qualified KY025R for KY4CW
2014/09/08 Arkansas Added AR016 for W0NEO
2014/09/07 Georgia Qualified GA053L for N4STG
2014/09/04 Minnesota Qualified MN037L and MN040L for W0GAF
2014/09/01 Rhode Island Qualified RI017S for W1SYE
2014/08/25 Florida Added FL496 & FL497 for W4YBV
2014/08/25 Georgia Added GA041 thru GA055 for N4STG
2014/08/23 Georgia Qualified GA040L for N4STG
2014/08/19 Puerto Rico Qualified PR003S for WP4I
2014/07/29 Vermont Added VT021 & VT022 for KX9X
2014/07/29 Georgia Added GA040 for N4STG
2014/07/28 Rhode Island Qualified RI018S for W1SYE
2014/07/28 Massachusetts Added MA043 & MA044 for W1GLO
2014/07/28 Florida Qualified FL490S for K4FLV/P4
2014/07/21 Florida Added FL495 for W8RD
2014/07/17 Kentucky Qualified KY022 for KY4CW
2014/07/15 Kentucky Added KY023. KY024, KY025, & KY026 for KY4CW (AA4RL)
2014/07/09 Alaska Added AK208, AK209, & AK210 for K7LOP
2014/07/09 Kentucky Added KY022 for KY4CW (AA4RL)
2014/06/27 Virginia Added VA063 for W3QJ
2013/06/01 Iowa Qualified IA010R for W0OTM
2014/05/29 Minnesota Qualified MN044L and MN048L for W0GAF
2014/05/27 Rhode Island Added RI017 & RI018 for KA1ZOU
2014/05/24 New Mexico Deleted NM040
2014/05/13 Florida Qualified FL492S, FL493S, & FL494S for W4YBV
2014/05/02 New Mexico Added NM040 for NM5RC
2014/04/29 Puerto Rico Added PR053 thru PR072 for WP4I
2014/04/25 Alaska Added AK207 for WC6DX
2014/04/25 Alaska Added AK206 for WC6DX
2014/04/25 Washington Added WA193 & WA194 for WA7MLD
2014/04/04 Texas Added TX073 for N5PHT
2014/02/10 Minnesota Added MN051 for KC0YBG
2014/02/07 Minnesota Added MN050 for KC0YBG
2014/02/03 Florida Added FL492, FL493, & FL494 for W4YBV
2014/01/23 New Mexico Added NM039 for NM5RC
2014/01/23 Arizona Added AZ027, AZ028, & AZ029 for NM5RC
2014/01/22 North Carolina Added NC048 for NS4J
2014/01/04 Kentucky Qualified KY021R for ND4X
2013/11/19 Kentucky Added KY021 for ND4X
2013/11/19 Iowa Added IA010 for W0OTM
2013/10/03 Puerto Rico Qualified PR048S for WP4I
2013/09/26 Puerto Rico Qualified PR047S for WP4I
2013/09/23 Wisconsin Qualified WI051R for W9PVR
2013/09/10 Michigan Qualified MI093L for K8WNJ
2013/09/09 Wyoming Qualified WY002L, WY003L, & WY005L for K7EDA
2013/09/04 Minnesota Qualified MN043L & MN046L for W0GAF
2013/08/21 Wyoming Qualified WY007L for K7EDA
2013/08/12 Florida Added FL491 for NS4J
2013/08/12 Iowa Added & Qualified IA009R for W0WDF
2013/08/10 Wyoming Qualified WY006L for K7EDA
2013/08/09 Michigan Added MI093 for KC8PCJ
2013/08/01 Pennsylvania Added PA047 for NS4J
2013/08/01 Puerto Rico Qualified PR015S for KP4ES
2013/07/24 Wyoming Qualified WY018L for K7EDA
2013/07/12 Minnesota Added MN037 thru MN049 for W0GAF
2013/07/11 Massachusetts Qualified MA042S for NE1RD
2013/07/10 Minnesota Qualified MN032R, 33R, & MN036L for W0GAF
2013/07/06 Massachusetts Added MA042 for NE1RD
2013/06/18 Michigan Added MI092 for NB8Q
2013/05/20 Washington Added WA192 for W7DMU
2013/05/11 Florida Added FL490 for K4FLV
2013/04/28 Florida Qualified FL489S for K4FLV
2013/04/27 Delaware Deleted DE002S    See the NOTE in the Directory.
2013/04/26 Florida Added FL489 for K4FLV
2013/04/23 Louisiana Qualified LA101S for K0AP/5, AD6D/5 & AB5EB/p
2013/04/15 Ohio Added OH053, OH054, & OH055 for KC8IMB
2013/03/05 Illinois Added IL046, IL047, IL048, IL049, & IL050 for WD9FMB
2013/03/05 Illinois Added IL044 & IL045 for WD9FMB
2013/02/24 Puerto Rico Qualified PR049S for KP3RE
2013/02/01 South Carolina Qualified SC042S for KX9X
2013/01/26 South Carolina Deleted SC059
2013/01/06 Illinois Added IL042 & IL043 for WD9FMB
2012/11/12 Puerto Rico Qualified PR031S for KP4ES
2012/10/29 Alabama Added & Qualified AL040S for W5VK
2012/10/26 Delaware Qualified DE014S for W3TL
2012/10/26 Delaware Qualified DE016S for N3NAH
2012/10/22 Wisconsin Qualified WI049R for W9PVR
2012/10/07 Maryland Qualified MD039S for NI2W
2012/10/07 Deleware Qualified DE015S for WA3EOP
2012/10/04 Indiana Qualified IN010R for WA9S, NI9Y, K9PRJ, & ND90
2012/10/03 Illinois Added IL041 for WD9FMB
2012/10/01 Arkansas Qualified AR0015L for K5H
2012/09/29 Alabama Qualified AL038R for W5VK
2012/09/29 Wyoming Qualified WY008L for K7EDA/P
2012/09/27 Rhode Island Qualified RI004S for W1SYE
2012/09/17 Deleware Added DE016 for W3UC
2012/09/11 Minnesota Qualified MN031R & MN034R for W0GAF
2012/09/06 New Hampshire Added NH023 for WA1ZCQ
2012/09/04 Alaska Added & Qualified AK205S for KL7RRC/P
2012/09/04 Alaska Qualified AK016S for KL7RRC/P
2012/08/31 Maine Qualified ME104S for W1S
2012/08/31 Maine Added ME104 for AK4KP
2012/08/31 Wyoming Qualified WY020L & WY0021L for K7EDA/P
2012/08/25 Wyoming Qualified WY019L for K7EDA/P
2012/08/22 New York Qualified NY012S for W2CXN
2012/08/19 Maine Qualified ME103S for WS1SM
2012/08/18 Wyoming Qualified WY004L for K7EDA/P
2012/08/16 Maine Added ME103 for NS4J
2012/08/15 Illinois Qualified IL040R for K9C
2012/08/15 Virginia Added VA062for NS4J
2012/08/09 Wyoming Added WY019, WY020 & WY021 for K7EDA
2012/08/09 Wyoming Added WY018 for K7EDA
2012/08/09 Maine Added ME101 & ME102 for KE1L
2012/08/09 Minnesota Qualified MN035L for W0GAF
2012/08/05 Indiana Added IN011 for KB9BVN
2012/08/04 Indiana Qualified IN008L for W9I
2012/08/04 Connecticut Qualified CT005S for W1ASB
2012/07/30 Indiana Qualified IN009R for WD4MSM
2012/07/30 Minnesota Added MN035 & MN036 for W0GAF
2012/07/13 Arkansas Added AR015 for WB0RUR
2012/07/12 Minnesota Qualified MN029L & MN030L for W0GAF
2012/07/11 Illinois Added IL040 for WD9FMB
2012/07/10 Maine Added ME100 for N1EDU
2012/07/09 Tennessee Added TN060 for KB5YLG
2012/06/21 New Hampshire Added & qualified NH022S for K1HRO
2012/06/21 New Hampshire Qualified NH020L for N1FJ
2012/06/12 New York Added NY048, NY049, NY050, NY051, NY052, NY053, & NY054 for KB2URI
2012/06/11 Maine Qualified ME005S for N1QLL
2012/06/05 Nebraska Qualified NE006R for K0TFT
2012/06/05 Puerto Rico Added PR050, PR051, & PR052 for NP4G
2012/05/29 Florida Qualified FL488R for N4I
2012/05/27 Delaware Added DE015 for NM5RC
2012/05/27 Maryland Added MD039 for NM5RC
2012/05/27 Virginia Added VA061 for NM5RC
2012/05/26 North Carolina Added NC047 for KG4GPJ
2012/05/09 Florida Added FL488 for KD4MZM
2012/05/08 Florida Added FL487 for KD4MZM
2012/05/08 Puerto Rico Added PR047, PR048, & PR049 for NP4G
2012/05/05 Puerto Rico Qualified PR008S, PR010S, & PR042S for KP4ES
2012/05/05 Alabama Qualified AL039R for W5VK
2012/05/06 Florida Deleted FL486&nbs;
2012/05/04 West Virginia Added WV019 for WD8MBE
2012/04/29 Alabama Added AL038 & AL039 for W5VK
2012/04/29 Florida Added FL486 for W5VK
2012/03/27 Michigan Added MI090 & MI091 for KG8JK
2012/03/27 Florida Added & qualified FL485S for K8GI & K9RR
2012/02/20 Minnesota Added MN029 thri MN034 for W0GAF
2012/01/10 South Carolina Added SC059, SC060, & SC061 for W4RUX
2012/01/04 Arizona Qualified AZ026L for K8HGY
2011/12/10 Maine Qualified ME099S for N1QLL
2011/12/10 Maine Renamed ME099
2011/11/04 Maine Added ME099 for N1QLL
2011/10/28 Wisconsin Added WI049, WI050, & WI051 for W9JR
2011/10/24 Alabama Added & Qualified AL037R for WA4JA
2011/10/24 Texas Qualified TX063S for W5B
2011/10/24 Wisconsin Qualified WI048R for W9W
2011/10/13 New Hampshire Added NH021 for W1FN
2011/10/10 Texas Added TX064 to TX072 for KB5YLG
2011/10/06 Texas Added TX063 for KB5YLG
2011/09/18 New York Qualified NY044L for W2SO
2011/09/15 Alaska Added & Qualified AK204S for KL7/K6VVA
2011/09/08 Rhode Island Deleted RI015
2011/09/07 Minnesota Qualified MN023L for W0GAF
2011/08/21 Minnesota Qualified MN018L & MN022L for W0GAF
2011/08/03 Maryland Added MD038 for KB3QLK
2011/08/03 Indiana Added IN010 for KB9IVA
2011/08/03 California Added CA073 for KD6CPA
2011/07/29 Maine Added ME098 for KK4YW
2011/07/27 Rhode Island Added RI015 & RI016 for NJ1Q
2011/07/20 Alabama Added AL036 for K4YWE
2011/07/11 Wisconsin Added WI048 for KC9LBO
2011/07/08 Minnesota Qualified MN017L & MN019L for W0GAF
2011/07/08 Tennessee Added TN058 & TN059 for NX2C
2011/06/26 Tennessee Qualified TN056R for WA4JA
2011/06/17 Maine Added ME097 for N1QLL
2011/06/05 Virginia Added VA060 for KG4RSK
2011/04/26 Virginia Qualified VA058R for NS4J
2011/04/06 Connecticut Added CT029 & CT030 for KX9X
2011/04/06 New Hampshire Added HN020 for N1FJ
2011/04/04 Virginia Added VA059 for NS4J
2011/03/21 New Hampshire Added NH019 for K0YLW
2011/03/18 Nebraska Added NE006 for K0TFT
2011/03/18 South Dakota Added SD004 for K0TFT
2011/03/02 Florida Added & Qualified FL484R for K4UZM
2011/01/18 Florida Added & Qualified FL483S for K4JP
2010/12/26 Georgia Added GA039 for KD4LUG
2010/11/27 New York Qualified NY032R for NS4J
2010/11/26 South Carolina Added MD058 for K4CNW
2010/11/22 Maryland Added MD037 for K3CSA
2010/11/22 Illinois Added IL039 for WA9KXZ
2010/10/30 Massachusetts Qualified MA041S for KO1U
2010/10/29 Massachusetts Qualified MA039S & MA040S for KO1U
2010/10/29 Massachusetts Added MA041 for KO1U
2010/10/27 Massachusetts Added MA040 for KO1U
2010/10/26 Massachusetts Added MA039 for KO1U
2010/10/25 Michigan Qualified MI089L for N8M
2010/10/25 Maryland Qualified MD034R & MD036R for KB3QLK
2010/10/23 Maryland Added MD035S for K3AXR
2010/10/21 Minnesota Added MN025 thru MN028 for K0HB
2010/10/15 Maryland Added MD036 for KB3QLK
2010/09/27 New Hampshire Qualified NH018L for KX9X
2010/09/25 Michigan Added MI089 for N8XX
2010/09/12 Wisconsin Qualified WI047L for KC9ECI
2010/09/10 Wisconsin Added WI047 for KC9ECI
2010/09/03 New Hampshire Added NH018 for KX9X
2010/08/28 Alaska Qualified AK203S for KL7RRC/p
2010/08/26 Washington Added & Qualified WA191S for N7OC
2010/08/02 Minnesota Qualified MN020L for KD0GAF
2010/07/27 Ohio Qualified OH006L for N8B
2010/07/27 Virginia Added VA058 for NS4J
2010/07/10 Minnesota Qualified MN024L for KD0GAF
2010/07/06 Maine Qualified ME003S for N1QLL
2010/07/03 Minnesota Qualified MN021L for KD0GAF
2010/06/26 Alaska Added AK203 for N3QQ
2010/06/25 Florida Qualified FL482R for W5VK
2010/06/23 Maine Qualified ME006S for N1QLL
2010/06/03 Florida Added FL482 for W5VK
2010/05/27 Texas Qualified TX059R for W5PC
2010/05/25 Puerto Rico Added PR046S
2010/05/25 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Deleted OI002S
2010/05/08 Delaware Added DE014 for KB3NZJ
2010/05/06 Delaware Added DE012 & DE013 for KB3NZJ
2010/05/05 Alabama Qualified AL026R for W5VK
2010/04/18 Alabama Qualified AL033S & AL035S for W5VK
2010/04/28 Tennessee Added TN057 for K4FH
2010/04/28 Tennessee Added TN056 for WA4JA
2010/04/06 Florida Qualified FL481R for K4T
2010/04/05 New York Added NY047 for NE2Z
2010/04/05 Maryland Added MD035 for WA3EOP
2010/03/31 Florida Added FL481 for K4UPG
2010/03/23 Texas Qualified TX062L for WC5C
2010/03/21 Louisina Added LA106 & LA107 for N5IB & WD5CMA
2010/03/03 Texas Added TX062 for WC5C
2010/02/08 Hawaii Added & Qualified HI029 for KL7JR & WL7MY
2010/01/04 Minnesota Added MN022 thru MN024 for KD0GAF
2010/01/03 Minnesota Added MN017 thru MN021 for KD0GAF
2009/12/29 Puerto Rico Qualified PR001S for NP4B
2009/11/25 Alaska Added & Qualified AK202S for K6HFA
2009/11/17 Maryland Added MD034 for KB3QLK
2009/11/15 Delaware Qualified DE001R for WG3J
2009/11/15 Delaware Qualified DE008R for KB3NZJ
2009/10/31 South Carolina Added SC057 for ND4Z
2009/10/31 South Carolina Qualified SC056L for ND4Z
2009/10/27 Maine Qualified ME002S for N1QLL
2009/10/27 Tennessee Qualified TN055L for WB5WAJ
2009/10/24 California Qualified CA018S for K6VVA/6
2009/10/18 Texas Qualified TX052L for K5QY
2009/10/18 Florida Qualified FL480S for WA4IIF
2009/10/17 Wisconsin Qualified WI046R for W9DK
2009/10/12 South Carolina Added SC for ND4Z
2009/10/12 Maine Qualified ME024S for KO1U
2009/10/06 Alaska Qualified AK199S for KL7RRC
2009/10/04 Florida Added FL480 for WA4IIF
2009/10/04 Alabama Added AL034 & AL035 for W5VK
2009/10/04 Minnesota Added MN016 for KD7OED
2009/10/04 Alabama Added AL033 for W5VK
2009/09/28 Tennessee Added TN055 for WB5WAJ
2009/09/24 New York Qualified NY045R for W2SEX
2009/09/10 Texas Qualified TX061L for WC5C
2009/09/10 Texas Qualified TX060L for WC5C
2009/09/01 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Qualified OI004S for AH1A
2009/09/01 Puerto Rico Qualified PR002S for KP3/IK1EDC
2009/09/01 Puerto Rico Qualified PR004S for WP4U
2009/08/28 Virginia Added VA052 thru VA057 for W3RFA
2009/08/27 Texas Qualified TX058L for W5G
2009/08/27 Texas Qualified TX050L for W5P
2009/08/25 Maryland Qualified MD009S for W3RFA
2009/08/21 South Carolina Qualified SC052L for K4NOP
2009/08/21 Maine Qualified ME096S for N1QLL
2009/08/21 Iowa Added IA008 for KB0NAZ
2009/08/20 Arkansas Added AR014 for WA5LUY
2009/08/20 Virginia Renamed VA018R from Falmouth to Ficklen for NS4J
2009/08/18 Montana Qualified MT014L for W7PAQ
2009/08/16 New York Qualified NY046L for K2BWK
2009/08/10 Alaska Added & qualified AK201S for N6PYN
2009/08/07 Maine Added ME096 for N1QLL
2009/08/02 Montana Added MT014 for K6UMO
2009/07/18 Ohio Qualified OH052L for K8BLP
2009/07/14 Texas Added TX060 & TX061 for KB5YLG
2009/07/06 Indiana Added IN009 for WD4MSM
2009/06/13 Florida Qualified FL479S for AG4BV
2009/05/29 Alaska Added AK200 for KL7RRC
2009/05/01 Louisiana Added LA105 for K5YG
2009/04/30 Ohio Deleted OH020
2009/04/20 Mississippi Added MS010 for K5OP
2009/04/16 New York Added NY046 for K2BWK
2009/04/07 Arizona Qualified AZ025L for K8HGY
2009/04/07 Arizona Added AZ025 & AZ026 for K8HGY
2009/04/07 Alaska Added AK199 for KL7RRC
2009/04/05 Alabama Added AL031 & AL0032 for KG4RWZ
2009/03/31 Alabama Qualified AL024S for WA4JA
2008/03/15 Wisconsin Deleted WI040
2008/03/13 Georgia Added GA038 for KU4OJ
2008/03/07 Indiana Added IN008 for KB9BVN
2008/02/24 Florida Added FL479 for N8OFS
2008/02/23 Louisiana Deleted: LA013, LA048S, LA050, LA065, & LA066
2008/01/02 Arizona Added & Qualified AZ024L for K8HGY
2008/11/30 Mississippi Qualified MS00S for K5S/K5Z
2008/11/01 Alabama Qualified AL030L for K4XOX
2008/10/30 Alabama Added AL030 for KG4RWZ
2008/10/27 Puerto Rico Qualified: PR009S by KP3RE
2008/10/26 Minnesota Added: MN015 for WA0LJM
2008/10/20 Florida Qualified FL014S for K4E
2008/10/12 Pennsylvania Added: PA046 for KF3CD
2008/10/07 California Added CA072 for KI6LUK
2008/10/06 Alabama Qualified AL029L for KG4RWZ
2008/10/03 Alabama Added AL029 for KG4RWZ
2008/09/20 Alaska Qualified AK197S for K6UMO/KL7
2008/09/07 New Hampshire Qualified NH017L for W1Y
2008/09/06 Ohio Qualified OH051L for K8BLP
2008/09/06 New Hampshire Added NH017 for W1Y
2008/08/29 Alaska Qualified AK198S for KL7DX
2008/08/07 Mississippi Added MS009 for W5UE
2008/08/06 Ohio Added OH0050, OH0051, & OH0052 for K8HGY
2008/07/30 Utah Qualified UT023L for NM5RC
2008/07/30 Arizona Qualified AZ023L for NM5RC
2008/07/23 New York Added NY045 for NS4J
2008/07/20 Indiana Added IN007 for KC9KSK
2008/07/20 Alaska Qualified AK088S for K7A (op K6HFA)
2008/07/09 Texas Added TX059 for W5PC
2008/07/03 Texas Qualified: TX055L, TX056L, & TX057L for W5BCS
2008/07/03 Alaska Added AK198 for KL7DX
2008/06/23 South Carolina Added & Qualified: SC054L & SC055L for ND4Z
2008/06/17 South Carolina Added & Qualified: SC053L for ND4Z
2008/06/16 South Carolina Added: SC052 for ND4Z
2008/06/11 South Carolina Added & Qualified: SC051L for ND4Z
2008/06/02 North Carolina Added: NC045 & NC046 for NS4J
2008/05/27 South Carolina Qualified: SC050L for ND4Z
2008/05/26 South Carolina Qualified: SC049L for ND4Z
2008/05/26 South Carolina Added: SC050 for ND4Z
2008/05/25 South Carolina Added: SC049 for ND4Z
2008/05/16 Texas Added: TX058 for KB5YLG
2008/05/16 Florida Added: FL478 for KF4VTT
2008/05/13 Puerto Rico Qualified: PR013S for WP3GW
2008/05/02 Alaska Added: AK197 for K6UMO
2008/05/01 Texas Added: TX055, TX056, & TX057 for K5VY
2008/04/21 Missouri Added: MO014 for KC5MNP
2008/04/04 Illinois Deleted: IL017L Not an island. Prior contact still count for awards.
2008/03/13 Alabama Added: AL028 for NZ4BM
2008/01/15 Puerto Rico Qualified: PR012S for KP4DJ
2008/01/15 Puerto Rico Added: PR025 through PR045 for WP3GW
2008/01/10 Puerto Rico Added: PR014 through PR024 for WP3GW
2007/12/10 Texas Added: TX051,52,53 & 54 for KB5IQJ
2007/11/29 Kentucky Reactivated: KY014
2007/11/29 Kentucky Added: KY020 for KM4GS
2007/11/23 Alabama Added: AL027 for WU4I
2007/11/06 Louisiana Qualified: LA098L for N4LCC
2007/11/06 Louisiana Deleted: LA100, no longer an island.
2007/10/30 Tennessee Added: TN051 & TN054 for KI4ES
2007/10/28 Tennessee Qualified: TN043L for WB5WAJ, KG4VKG, & KI4UVL
2007/10/28 Pennsylvania Qualified: PA045R for KF3CD, K3DK, & WB3CEZ
2007/10/26 Tennessee Added: TN049 & TN050 for KI4ES
2007/10/14 Washington Added: WA189 & WA0190 for W7KI
2007/10/14 Maryland Qualified: MD028R for W3B
2007/10/13 Washington Added: WA188 for W7KI
2007/10/13 Tennessee Added: TN045 thru TN048 for WS4S
2007/10/03 Tennessee Qualified: TN044L for KI4MTB & KI4TLW
2007/10/03 Kentucky Qualified: KY019L for KI4MTB & KI4TLW
2007/09/26 Puerto Rico Deleted: PR011. Not an island.
2007/09/25 Oregon Deleted: OR018 same as OR020.
2007/09/21 Washington Added: WA187 for N0AX
2007/09/20 Maryland Deleted: MD012 not an island. Only a caisson style lighthouse.
2007/09/20 Louisiana Deleted: LA019 island no longer exists.
2007/09/20 Kentucky Deleted: KY014 no such island.
2007/09/18 Tennessee Added: TN044 for KI4MTB
2007/09/18 Kentucky Added: KY019 for KI4MTB
2007/09/15 Georgia Qualified: GA037R for K4WP
2007/09/10 Tennessee Qualified: TN038L for KG4YFR
2007/09/09 Pennsylvania Added: PA045 for KF3CD
2007/09/09 Georgia Added: GA037 for K4WP
2007/09/05 Tennessee Added: TN043 for WB5WAJ
2007/09/02 Pennsylvania Deleted: PA013 Mud Island, not an island.
2007/08/30 Minnesota Quallified: MN010L for K0I
2007/08/20 Minnesota Added: MN011 thru MN014 for WB9FMC
2007/08/19 Michigan Added: MI088 for W2DU
2007/08/14 Puerto Rico Re-added: PR012
2007/08/09 Idaho Added & Qualified: ID019L for WH6JP
2007/08/02 Alabama Qualified:AL023S for WA4JA
2007/08/01 Idaho Qualified:ID014L for NM5RC
2007/07/24 U.S. Virgin I. Qualified: VI004S & VI005S
2007/07/24 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Qualified: OI001S, OI002S, & OI005S thru OI013  
2007/07/24 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Added: OI013
2007/07/24 Texas Added: TX050 for WC5C
2007/07/24 South Carolina Added: SC048 for NS4J
2007/07/24 South Carolina Added: SC047 for NS4J
2007/07/24 Puerto Rico Qualified: PR007S
2007/07/24 Puerto Rico Deleted: PR012
2007/07/24 Northern Mariana I. Qualified: NI003S
2007/07/24 North Carolina Added: NC044 for NS4J
2007/07/24 American Samoa Qualified: AS002S & AS007S
2007/07/23 Virginia Deleted: VA041 for NS4J
2007/07/23 Illinois Added: IL036 & IL037 for AA9DY
2007/07/23 Alabama Added: AL023 thru AL026 for WA4JA
2007/07/19 Vermont Added: VT020 for KG7HF & KB1OGL
2007/07/19 Puerto Rico Added: PR009 thru PR013 for WP3GW
2007/07/19 Idaho Added: ID014 thru ID018 for NM5RC
2007/07/15 Alaska Renamed: AK046S to Endeavor aka Endicott.
2007/07/15 Alaska Deleted: AK143S. Island is same as AK046S.
2007/07/05 Alaska Deleted: AK187S. Island is in Canada.
2007/06/26 Utah Qualified: UT022L for NM5RC & KD5MSS
2007/06/21 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Qualified: AS006S for KH8/W5BOS
2007/06/21 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Qualified: AS005S for KH8/W5BOS
2007/06/21 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Qualified: AS004S for KH8/WH6BLQ
2007/06/21 Puerto Rico Qualified: PR006S for KP4BJD
2007/06/21 Northern Mariana I. Qualified: NI002S for KH0AC
2007/06/21 Guam Qualified: GU003S for KH2/K9AW
2007/06/19 Texas Added: TX049 for KI5JF
2007/06/17 Georgia Qualified: GA036R for K8HGY
2007/06/16 Georgia Added: GA036 for K8HGY
2007/06/15 Massachusetts Qualified: MA020S for W1UM
2007/06/13 Kentucky Qualified: KY018R for KI4GKW
2007/06/10 Maryland Added: MD032 & MD033 for AE4MK
2007/06/02 Kentucky Added: KY018 for KE4BCF
2007/05/28 U.S. Virgin Islands Qualified: VI002S for KP2/KL7USI & KP2/KL7JR
2007/05/28 U.S. Virgin I. Added: VI001 thru VI005 for the USi Committee
2007/05/28 U.S. Minor Outlying I. Added: OI001 thru AS007 for the USi Committee
2007/05/28 Puerto Rico Added: PR001 thru PR007 for the USi Committee
2007/05/28 Northern Mariana I. Added: NI001 thru NI003 for the USi Committee
2007/05/28 Guam Added: GU001 thru GU003 for the USi Committee
2007/05/28 American Samoa Added: AS001 thru AS007 for the USi Committee
2007/05/26 Alaska Qualified: AK196S for NM5RC
2007/05/20 Maryland Added:MD031 for WA3EOP
2007/05/20 Maryland Added:MD029 & MD030 for WA3EOP
2007/05/17 Wisconsin Added:WI040 thru WI046 for K9ZW
2007/05/17 Alaska Added: AK196 for NM5RC
2007/05/09 Wisconsin Qualified:WI039R for K9ZW & KA9WYK
2007/05/01 Alaska Added: AK195 for W6TTF
2007/04/30 Missouri Qualified: MO013L for KV0S & KM0R
2007/04/23 Virginia Qualified: VA042L & VA043L for AE4MK
2007/04/22 Missouri Added: MO011, MO012, & MO013 for KV0S
2007/04/18 South Carolina Qualified: SC046S for W4BWZ
2007/04/17 Virginia Added: VA040 thru VA051 for AE4MK
2007/03/26 Wisconsin Added:WI036, WI037, WI038, & WI039 for K9ZW
2007/02/19 North Carolina Added: NC040, NC041, NC042, & NC043 for AE4MK
2007/02/08 South Carolina Added: SC046 for KG4WNL
2007/02/05 Hawaii Qualified: HI017S for NM5RC/P
2007/01/15 South Carolina Added & Qualified: SC045S for W4BWZ
2007/01/08 Florida Added: FL477 for AL7RV
2007/01/04 Georgia Qualified: GA033, GA034, & GA035 for K8HGY
2006/12/22 Georgia Added: GA033, GA034, & GA035 for K8HGY
2006/11/16 Alaska Added & Qualified: AK194S for K7A
2006/11/10 Virginia Qualified: VA033L for AE4MK
2006/11/10 Louisiana Qualified: LA103L for N4LCC
2006/10/29 New York Added: NY044 for AE4MK
2006/10/29 Louisiana Added: LA102, LA103, & LA104 for N4LCC
2006/10/29 Louisiana Added: LA098, LA099, LA100, & LA101 for N4LCC
2006/10/24 New Mexico Added & Qualified: NM038L for NM5RC
2006/10/23 Florida Deleted: FL224S. Same as FL058S
2006/10/22 Michigan Qualified: MI087R for WW8W
2006/10/12 New Jersey Deleted: NJ019S. Same as NJ015S
2006/10/10 Michigan Added: MI087 for WW8W
2006/10/03 New York Deleted: NY036S. Same as NJ036S
2006/10/02 Virginia Qualified: VA035R for N4DLN
2006/09/27 Minnesota Added: MN010 for KC0MKS
2006/09/27 Hawaii Deleted: HI011. Same as HI020S.
2006/09/26 Maryland Added: MD028 for AE4MK
2006/09/21 Maryland Deleted: MD002. Too dangerous to activate.
2006/09/20 Maryland Qualified: MD015S by W3PGA
2006/09/19 Florida Qualified: FL172S by W4/F5IDM
2006/09/19 Florida Added & Qualified: FL476S by K4YHB/p
2006/09/16 West Virginia Qualified: WV018R by K8BLP
2006/09/15 Tennessee Qualified: TN035L by WB5WAJ
2006/09/13 Alabama Added: AL022 for W4AQQ
2006/09/07 Virginia Added: VA035, VA036, VA037, VA038, & VA039 for N4DLN
2006/09/06 West Virginia Added: WV018 for K8HGY
2006/09/05 Texas Qualified: TX005S by W5TLH
2006/09/04 Maine Qualified: ME004S by N1QLL
2006/09/04 Maine Added & Qualified: ME095S by N1QLL
2006/09/04 Maine Added & Qualified: ME094S by AK1Q
2006/09/04 Florida Qualified: FL125S by W1AUS/4
2006/09/04 California Added & Qualified: CA071S by KQ6XA
2006/08/27 Kentucky Added: KY017 for W9IND
2006/08/27 Alaska Qualified: AK192S & AK193S by W5BOS
2006/08/22 Tennessee Added: TN038, TN039, TN040, TN041, & TN042 for KE4LPL
2006/08/20 Alaska Added: AK192 & AK193 for KB5IQJ
2006/08/16 Virginia Added: VA033 & VA034 for AE4MK
2006/08/16 Michigan Qualified: MI080L by K8G
2006/08/16 Michigan Added: MI085 & MI086
2006/08/15 Michigan Added: MI082, MI083, and MI084
2006/08/10 Montana Added: MT013
2006/08/10 Arkansas Added: AR010, AR011, AR013, and AR014
2006/08/08 Iowa Added: IA007
2006/08/07 West Virginia Qualified: WV017R by K8BLP 
2006/08/07 Tennessee Added: TN037 for WA3YFQ
2006/08/07 Tennessee Added: TN036 for WA3YFQ
2006/07/19 Michigan Qualified: MI016L by K8CJQ and W8CJQ
2006/07/19 Michigan Add & Qualified: MI081L by K8CJQ
2006/07/13 West Virginia Added: WV017 by K8HGY
2006/07/11 Michigan Added: MI080 for KI8AF
2006/06/24 Virginia Added: VA032 for AE4MK
2006/06/19 Utah Added: UT023 for NM5RC/P
2006/06/19 Arizona Added: AZ023 for NM5RC/P
2006/06/01 Ohio Qualified: OH015L by AK8B / NC8F / N8LGP
2006/05/31 New Jersey Corrected: NJ037L to NJ037R per NM5RC
2006/05/31 Nebraska Added & Qualified: NE005L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/23 Tennessee Added: TN035 for WB5WAJ
2006/05/23 South Dakota Qualified: SD003R by NM5RC/P
2006/05/23 North Dakota Added & Qualified: ND027L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/19 Wisconsin Added & Qualified: WI035R by NM5RC/P
2006/05/18 Minnesota Added & Qualified:MN009R by NM5RC/P
2006/05/18 Iowa Added & Qualified: IA006R by NM5RC/P
2006/05/12 Vermont Added & Qualified: VT019L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/06 New Hampshire Added & Qualified:NH016L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/06 Massachusetts Added & Qualified: MA038L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/06 Maine Added & Qualified: ME093L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/05 Rhode Island Added & Qualified:RI014L by NM5RC/P
2006/05/05 New York Added & Qualified:NY043R by NM5RC/P
2006/05/05 Connecticut Added & Qualified:CT028L by NM5RC/P