US Islands Awards Program

25th Anniversary Award

USI is offering a special, 25th Anniversary award for both chasers and activators running from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

Chasers: Confirm 25 islands during 2019, as a club or individual.

Activators: Qualify or Activate a total of 25 islands in any combination.  A minimum of 15 QSOs must be made for both a new island qualification and an island activation to be considered for this award. This can be issued to a club call, (multiple members under one call) or individual.

Award cost TBD:
Certificate  ~ $5.00 includes postage
Covered, mounted certificate  $30 plus postage
Plaque ~ $60 plus postage

Under our honor system, send the Award Manager, NS4J a list of confirmed or activated islands. The list should include, Name, Call, address, email, USI number, island name, date worked or activated, Call used or worked.