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2015 W/VE Islands QSO Party
Aug. 29 1200z to Aug. 30 0300z

(USI only) award file
15.3 2015-04-19

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USI Webmaster's Photo Pick
USI gathering Dayton 2015

Dayton Hamvention  16 May, 2015
First ever gathering of USI operators
L-R Front row: Matt K0BBC; Second Row: Dave KV0S, Don KM0R, Sean KX9X, Dave; W0ZF Third Row: Mike WB9MMR, Mike NE4S/K4USI

One Day Getaway Activites

Photo Slide Show Link

USI Activations

AL002S Dauphin 30-35 Qs KK4BJV
DE007R Fort DuPont 14 Qs ND3E
FL013S Garden Key/Dry Tortugas 181 Qs 3 days W4T
FL043S Merritt 202 Qs K4I
FL218S Jupiter 17 Qs KM4CDT
FL401S Shell ? Qs N4KGL
GA024L Red Top 15 Qs K4USI
GA027L West 18 Qs K4USI
GA028L Mary Alice 22 Qs K4USI
IL003R Chouteau 24 Qs ND9E
IL019L Walkers  8 Qs ND9E
IN005R Monkey ~45 Qs W9AB
MD016S Middle Hooper 41 Qs KA3UNQ
ME004S Great Wass 23 Qs N1QLL
MI055R Sterling 11 Qs KD8VHE
MO003R Ellis 15 Qs ND9E
NC006S Oak 2 Qs ND2O
NH002R New Castle 1 Q Ant. problems N1IMW
OH038L/ MI062L Turtle 10+ Qs KD8WCD
PA044L Long 11 Qs K3USI
PR006S Puerto Rico 10 Qs WP4I
TX003S Goose ? Qs KE5RS
VA002S Chincoteague 78 Qs N3JS

USI Qualifications
AL036L Woods Qualed 27 Qs K4YWE
AR011L Goat Qualed 28 Qs KJ4BIX
CT031S Outer Qualed 60 Qs both calls W1BXY / KX9X
GA041L Taylor Creek Qualed 26 Qs N4STG
GA058R Middle Qualed 76 Qs W4YBV
GA059L Webster's Ferry Qualed 61 Qs KK4YLX
IL038R Lawrence Park Qualed 39 Qs K9L
MA044S Ten Pound Qualed finished 6 Qs W1GLO
MN100R Pike Qualed 53 Qs AE0EE
NY056R Klein Qualed 31 Qs KD2ETP
PA047L Round Qualed 39 Qs K3USI
RI010R Rock Qualed 73 Qs W1SYE
TX074S Bartell Qualed W2MN
VA034R Scotts Qualed 44 Qs N4WDC

USI Qualifying Attempts
WA193 Ives no qual 0 Qs W7DMU
WI058 Millpond no qual 0 Qs K0RGI
WI059 Barron no qual 1 QSO KC9IWE
OH056 Briarwood no qual 10 Qs KE8RV
MA043 Straitsmouth no qual 11 Qs W1GLO
IA012 Brushy Cheek South no qual 14 Qs W0BNW
PA048 Marshall no qual 15 Qs KB3GUZ
MO012 Hawaiian no qual 19 Qs KM0R
NY048 Strawberry no qual 2 Qs KD2FJQ
WI056 Rosebrook no qual 20 Qs AD4OS

USI Webmaster: Jay Chamberlain,   NS4J

Last updated 14 June 2015
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