US Islands Awards Program

  • AZ024L Parker Canyon, Parker Canyon Lake, Cochise Co. - Photo by K8HGY
  • FL492S Big Grassy (Pepperfish Keys), Gulf of Mexico, Dixie Co. - Photo by W4YBV
  • PR048S Cayo de Tierra, Atlantic Ocean - Photo by WP4I
  • WY008L, Marie, Jackson Lake, Teton Co. - Photo by K7EDA
  • PR081S Cayo Chiva - KP3RE November 14, 2015
  • WY018L, Donoho Point, Jackson Lake, Teton Co. - Photo by K7EDA
  • WU4I, TN024R Looney, Tennessee River, Knox Co.
  • VA063S Cedar, Atlantic Ocean, Accomack Co. - Photo by K1MJM
  • FL479S Peanut ICWW - Lake Worth, Palm Beach, NA-141
  • AL033S Robinson, Perdido Bay, Baldwin Co, - Photo by W5VK
  • NC010S Bogue Banks / Emerald, Onslow Bay, Carteret Co. NA-112
  • OH004L Middle Bass, Lake Erie, Ottawa Co
  • VA001S Tangier, Chesapeake Bay, Accomack Co. NA-083

Welcome – 2017 is our 23rd year

Announcement: The North Fulton Amateur Radio league (NFARL), Roswell, GA, club call NF4GA, is celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2017 by offering its 330 members, a yearlong US Island Awards Program (USI) event/contest. Their goal as a club will be to activate/qualify a minimum of 40 US Islands. Its members can be chasers or activators much like last year’s NPOTA. NFARL will also offer a certificate to non-members chasers who work NF4GA 40 times during 2017. The club already has 50+ operations planned. The official celebration started Feb. 10 and 11 with NF4GA activating FL051S Windley Key and FL060S Upper Matecombe Key. All NF4GA QSOs will also count toward USI awards.

Upcoming USI Expeditions
Today is: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 - 18:55 UTC

Nothing from Tue Feb 21, 2017 to Mon Feb 27, 2017.

Welcome to the U.S. Islands Awards Program (USI) web site. USI is an amateur radio award program centered around chasing and activating river, lake and ocean shore islands within the 50 United States and its Territories and Protectorates. Numerous achievement awards are available for both island activators and island chasers.

U.S. Islands is a great way to go on a mini-DXpedition without spending a lot of money. Discovering islands in your own back yard and setting up a station outdoors is always a good time. If hams have only operated outdoors during Field Day, we offer another route to get outside and enjoy portable ham radio in a different way.

USI has two operating activities each year:

  • One-Day-Getaway is just that, a casual day of island portable operations the second Saturday of May. Activating or qualifying a new island, 1DG is a perfect way to hone your on the air operating skills and perfect your portable or mobile “field day kit”.
  • The W/VE Island QSO Party is our once a year “contest” that has a class for just about any individual or group. Operate from a friends island “Fixed” QTH, take your club on a single island “Expedition”, or go on a mobile or waterborne “Rover” adventure.

Any way you like it, portable, walk on, paddle to, motor to, mobile, drive on, USI is year around ham radio fun.

Webmaster’s Photo Pick

L-R Bill (KC4ZMZ), Michael (KM4BKR), Greg (WX8V), and Dave (W4DFR)

2016 W/VE QSO Party ~ Expedition Class First Place Quicksilver Radio Award
Amateur Radio Transmitting Society Inc., Lousiville, KY
L-R Bill (KC4ZMZ), Michael (KM4BKR), Greg (WX8V), and Dave (W4DFR)

Support the US Islands Awards Program with a $20 gift.

We are not affiliated in any way with the Islands On The Air (IOTA) awards program offered by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

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